Top 5 Rosewood Essential Oil Uses

Rosewood Essential Oil Uses

Half a century ago, rosewood oil was abundantly popular and a sought after natural resource prized for its aroma, which often served as a fragrance additive in high end perfumes and soaps. Its availability has significantly declined because it comes from the bark of only select trees found in parts of South America, namely Brazil. Locating the trees from which to produce the essential oil has become more difficult due to mass deforestation and as such, the same has become true for linalool rich essential oil distilled from their bark. The supply and demand problem has become better known, especially since a greater awareness of rosewood essential oil uses for health has become prevalent due to an increase in persons interested in alternative healing and natural medicine.

Synthetically produced linalool has somewhat decreased commercial demand for rosewood oil, however essential oil uses related to the tree rely on far more than linalool alone. A delicate cocktail of naturally occurring compounds like geranial, geraniol, neral, mycerne, limonene, cineol, pinene and more can all be found in rosewood oil. Although these compounds may not be useful to those in the fragrance or furniture industries, they are at the core of medicinal uses related to the substance such as those for relieving pain, killing germs and improving the mood. Five of the best rosewood essential oil uses follow, and although it may be challenging to find, a wealth of healthful benefits may await those that do.

1. Depression Symptoms: Rosewood is thought to be a natural stimulant. Though many may not associate stimulating with calming and relaxation, the opposite is often true. Using rosewood oil in aromatherapy is thought to help relieve depression related symptoms and help diminish feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Studies have proven that using essential oils in aromatherapy can in fact have positive implications on mood in some individuals, and providing positivity may be one of the most basic and important of all rosewood essential oil uses.

2. Pain Relief: There are countless pain relievers found in nature, and many people are familiar with selections like clove oil, long hailed for its toothache relieving abilities. Rosewood is purported to have similar, although less potent, abilities. It’s considered a mild, natural analgesic and can be useful for general mild pain stemming from minor headaches, toothaches and muscle and joint pain. Neat, topical application of quality oil may be appropriate in these cases; however as with all essential oils, a skin test can help determine sensitivity and whether or not a carrier oil should be used.

3. Aphrodisiac: The most important thing that aromatherapy advocates should remember about using essential oils to spice up things in the bedroom is that both parties should enjoy the scent of the oils used or the precise opposite effect may occur. Luckily, many commercial rosewood essential oil uses exist solely because of the substance’s delightful scent, meaning that it may be a solid choice for aphrodisiac purposes. Using the oil in this way is said to help reduce frigidity and improve libido, especially when the source of a lost sex drive is related to stress or other lifestyle factors.

4. Deodorant: Today’s deodorants typically provide multiple benefits. They may help to reduce perspiration and promote dryness, while many also help thwart bacterial efforts, too. Multiplying bacteria (which find the dark and damp environment of the armpit too tempting to pass up) are what is responsible for odor related to perspiration. Herein lays an opportunity to take advantage of a duo of rosewood essential oil uses when applied topically. First, the oil provides a fresh and delightful scent that would put most modern day deodorant to shame. Second, its antibacterial activity can keep replicating, odor-causing pathogens at bay to help reduce body odor at its source.

5. Wound Care: Cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites are a regular occurrence and often require little more than minimal home care. There may be a natural treatment option for these common occurrences that might be being overlooked. Boasting antiseptic properties and a little bit of natural pain relief as well, rosewood essential oil uses may easily include everyday first aid. Neat rosewood oil applied via cotton ball can help keep germs away and prevent future infection, while also helping naturally soothe painful skin and the surrounding area.