Top 5 Ravensara Essential Oil Uses

Ravensara Essential Oil Uses

Hailing from Madagascar, the trees and shrubs dubbed ravensara are known for producing essential oils that are used in medicine. This substance is derived from numerous parts of the plants including their bark, leaves and even their fruit. One tree in particular, which is locally referred to as ‘Hazomanitra’, is the one that is most commonly associated with producing essential oil for medicinal use. Today, oil derived from this tree is probably best known for use in the fragrance industry, and is noted to boast a scent similar to eucalyptus. However, ravensara essential oil uses rooted in folk medicine endure and many are still practiced today.

There are almost too many naturally occurring chemicals found in the essential oil of ravensara to list. However, some are rather abundant and comprise a large portion of the oil’s aromatic components such as limonene, linalool, methyl eugenol, sabinene, methyl chavicol and a-pinene. These substances and others like them are responsible for medicinal essential oil uses related to ravensara, though they’ve only been discovered in recent history despite a long history of health and wellness uses, five of which can be found below.

1. Antiviral Properties: Some essential oils can be used in aromatherapy and diffusion in order to take advantage of their antiviral properties. But, one study suggests that ravensara essential oil uses may be taken a step further in order to actually prevent viral infections. In the small and likely uncontrolled study, school aged children used a solution of aloe vera gel that had ravensara oil incorporated, and the results suggested a drop in absenteeism occurred thereafter. It’s possible then as suggested by these results that the ravensara oil may have helped reduce the spread of germs between students and therefore prevented the spread of certain viral illnesses.

2. Aphrodisiac: The hormonal effects associated with ravensara may be so potent that it’s not recommended that pregnant women even use the oil in aromatherapy because it may adversely affect their pregnancies. For those who are not expecting however, it’s possible that like many other essential oils, ravensara may help to enhance libido and generally stimulate the sexual experience. Of course, these ravensara essential oil uses are only valuable when both participating parties enjoy the oil’s aroma, or the precise opposite effect may actually occur.

3. Calming: Ravensara is not typically included in many blends; however it may work well along with other natural relaxants and calmitants. Studies have proven that in some people, using essential oils in aromatherapy can actually help to reduce stress and anxiety and even tension, and ravensara may be one of the best natural soothers available. It’s thought that these ravensara essential oil uses may be related to the oil’s purported ability to naturally relax the nervous system which may even point to applications in nervous disorders, insomnia and more.

4. Respiratory Problems: One of the things that ravensara may be best known for is its use in respiratory ailments. On the one hand, this may be related to the oil’s natural antiviral properties, which may attack the pathogenic source of the affliction when used in diffusion or aromatherapy. On the other hand, ravensara is also considered a natural expectorant and is thought to help loosen phlegm in the respiratory tract, which may provide some symptom relief. Some have translated these ravensara essential oil uses into other applications as well, such as in the case of asthma.

5. Pain Relief: No doubt by now most are aware that nature is full of plant based pain relievers like clove and yarrow, however ravensara isn’t known as a “cure all” on the island of Madagascar for nothing. It boasts natural analgesic properties and when topically applied neat or with a carrier oil for those with sensitive skin, it may help provide temporary relief from general minor pain such as that arising from headaches, toothaches, earaches and joint and muscle pain. When pain arises as the result of a wound or injury, further ravensara essential oil uses may come into play as well, such as antiseptic infection preventing properties.