Top 5 Camphor Essential Oil Uses

Camphor Essential Oil Uses

It is interesting that few people are familiar at all with camphor, though it’s been an important commodity since ancient times when it was used in Egyptian mummification, and even being mentioned in the Quran as a flavoring agent for beverages. Camphor comes from an evergreen tree that is native to Asia called the camphor laurel, although it’s also present in other plants and herbs as well such as rosemary, which may contain as much as 20% of the substance. Today the substance has been widely studied in numerous commercial applications and it’s used in fireworks, rust preventatives, embalming, repelling moths and much more. However, camphor essential oil uses long precede today’s technical uses and it’s enjoyed a long history of culinary and medicinal uses.

Cookbooks dating back to the tenth century include camphor, where it became commonplace in both savory and sweet dishes, though favored in dessert applications. In terms of essential oils uses, camphor was regularly used to repel snakes (yes, snakes) and cockroaches (yes, cockroaches). Camphor essential oil uses for health have been explored as far back as ancient Sumatra, where it was used for general injuries and even today, medicinal use of camphor is still incredibly common, although most people aren’t even aware of it. Camphor is an active ingredient in many over the counter ointments and salves, and up until the last part of the 20th century, it was even used orally for some minor heart ailments. The top five camphor essential oil uses found below may barely scratch the surface of all the substance is capable of, but a recent shift in the popularity of natural and alternative healing may change all of that, in time.

1. Decongestant: Those who want to relieve congestion may want to consider a homemade version of drugstore vapor rubs using camphor mixed with a soothing carrier oil. When applied to the chest, inhaling the vapors may help to immediately quell respiratory congestion, which is why it’s so commonly found in comparable commercially prepared products. These camphor essential oil uses are likely related to the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, which are very well known.

2. Minor Injuries: There is no question that healers in ancient Sumatra knew what they were doing when they used camphor oil applied externally to help treat sprained ankles and other non-serious injuries. Because camphor is associated with both relieving pain and reducing swelling and inflammation, it’s an ideal natural choice for these types of injuries. The oil is noted for having minor anesthetic properties, which no doubt may provide prompt, temporary pain relief.

3. Skin Problems: The pathogen eradicating benefits of camphor are well known, so much so that it was implicated in the treatment of a cholera epidemic centuries ago. Today’s modern alternative healers have found that these potent attributes are just as valuable, but perhaps on a smaller scale. Camphor essential oil uses may include treating external fungal infections on the skin’s surface, when applied topically. Though less common, the oil has also been noted for bacterial infections on the skin, which may translate into some relief from conditions like chronic acne, where bacteria may be the underlying cause.

4. Head Lice: If camphor essential oil uses historically have included deterring snakes and keeping cockroaches at bay, then there is little doubt that the potent plant oil can be equally as effective at sending head lice running for the hills. Many of today’s chemical laden lice treatment products are over the top with their toxic content, and camphor may serve as a natural solution to eradicating lice and any other potentially unseen invaders of the dermis. Application to the scalp is appropriate for using on lice, but some suggest adding the oil to a bath for a physiological creepy-crawlie genocide.

5. Aphrodisiac: Interestingly enough, despite its reputation for killing bugs and deterring snakes, camphor used in aromatherapy is also associated with helping “set the mood.” It may help to stimulate pleasure centers in the brain to promote sexual desire and urges. Some believe that when diluted with a carrier, it may also help to reduce the recurrence of erectile dysfunction as well. Both of these effects are likely related to the oil’s classification as a stimulant, a basis for many camphor essential oil uses.