Top 10 Wild Orange Essential Oil Uses

Wild Orange Essential Oil Uses

Wild orange is thought to be more potent and more valuable than its commonplace domesticated relative that is widely used in everything from furniture polish to cosmetics. The plant is found in parts of the Dominican Republic, primarily, and is far less common than other varieties of orange oil. Wild orange essential oil uses do share many similarities with generic orange oil, but not only are they thought to be amplified; several additional healthful uses have emerged as well.

Most essential oil uses rely on plant oil properties that can affect numerous health conditions and their symptoms. Wild orange boasts more of these healthful properties than most, including properties relating to anti inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative, choleretic, digestive, hypertensive, stimulant, sedative, antibacterial and antidepressant benefits, just to name a few. While many wild orange essential oil uses may be derived from these benefits, there is still little research into just how effective the oil may be for any of them.

The oil can be used in numerous ways, depending on the desired benefits. Topical application with or without a carrier oil is generally well tolerated, and diffusion and aromatherapy remain very popular methods of use for the oil. Internal use is generally regarded as safe, however caution must be used and not only should a doctor be consulted before internal use of wild orange essential oil, but sourcing quality, therapeutic grade oils is important as well. Spritzing, adding the oil to a bath and incorporating into massage oils are all methods of wild orange essential oil uses, and these application methods are used to take advantage of the oil’s purported health benefits, ten of the best of which follow:

1. Heartburn: Oil from a citrus fruit may be the last thing that some people think of in terms of effective heartburn relief, but wild orange oil is considered a popular home remedy for the common digestive ail. It’s noted throughout history for numerous digestive benefits, and adding a drop or two to a quarter of a cup of plain water may help reduce the symptoms of acid indigestion, heartburn or reflux.

2. Energy: When used in diffusion or aromatherapy, wild orange essential oil uses are thought to include promoting healthy energy levels. This is likely related to the oil’s stimulant properties, which may invigorate the senses and uplift the mind and body. Some people even diffuse the oil in their cars for this reason.

3. Immunity: No doubt citrus and immunity go hand in hand, and wild orange is no exception. When applied topically to the tummy with or without a carrier oil, particularly when signs of a cold or the flu first appear, wild orange is believed to help ramp up immune processes and help stave off or reduce the severity of illnesses.

4. Fungal Infections: Topical application of orange oil does come with some warning, and it may cause photosensitivity so careful use is imperative. This is especially true on skin that may be exposed to the sun, which can include nail beds. Antifungal properties present mean that wild orange essential oil uses may include eradicating fungal microbes that can be responsible for various types of external infections.

5. Home Disinfection: There is no shortage of products available for purchase with which to clean and sanitize homes; and, while many of these products include natural elements, many are laden with harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and pollute the air. Not only does using plant oils eliminate the risks associated with household chemicals, doing so takes advantage of one of the most well known of all wild orange essential oil uses, disinfection. It’s popular spritzed on sheets for germ killing action and used in solution for countertops and bathrooms.

6. Anorexia: It’s likely a combination of effects that have led to the use of wild orange essential oil in persons with anorexia. Stimulating benefits may help promote a healthier appetite, and digestive benefits may help undo some of the gastric trauma that can relate to the condition. Lastly, mental health benefits of calming yet energizing can help relieve some of the stress and anxiety characterized by the condition.

7. Antidepressant: Many plant oils have been studied in terms of the effects of aromatherapy in persons with depression. Studies have confirmed that at least some people may positively benefit from using aromatherapy in this way. Wild orange essential oil uses are thought to include helping reduce the symptoms of depression because of its uplifting and calming effects.

8. Wound Care: Minor wounds often require little treatment, however ensuring that they do not become infected and therefore cause bigger problems is important. Wild orange essential oil boasts both antibacterial and antiseptic properties that when applied topically neat, may help reduce the risk of infections from minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

9. Inflammation: Wild orange essential oil uses may include a variety of conditions that are characterized by inflammation. While the oil is not associated with pain relief, it is thought to help reduce inflammation, the swelling from which can be a powerful pain source in itself. More research will be needed to better understand how effective wild orange may be on inflammation related conditions.

10. Cancer: There is no evidence that wild orange oil may be effective against cancer. Some studies being conducted currently are evaluating the anti-cancer effects of certain plant oils, however. Wild orange shares many of the same properties as other natural compounds that are somewhat effective against cancer cells, and when that information is paired with anecdotal and folkloric use of the oil, it suggests that it’s possible that one day wild orange will be included in an elite group of natural substances that inhibit cancer cell growth.

Wild orange is popular in blends associated with energy for both the mind and body. Therefore, it’s an important constituent of any invigorating blend, and those associated with energizing the skin such as those for cellular complex will also often include wild orange essential oil.