Top 10 Spearmint Essential Oil Uses

Spearmint Essential Oil Uses

Spearmint is one of the most popular of all essential plant oils because it is considered nearly as potent as related peppermint, but much milder and gentler – lending itself to a wide range of uses including neat topical application, inhalation and even ingestion (with therapeutic grade oils and appropriate medical advice). The herb itself is quite popular in cooking, but spearmint essential oil uses go far beyond the aroma and flavor afforded from the leaves alone. Both today and for hundreds of years, spearmint has remained an important medicinal aid.

Not all plant oils have been prolifically used in ancient times, but spearmint certainly has been. Ancient Greeks used the gentle oil for a wide variety of uses, and it was also quite important to Ayurvedic medicine as well. Today, many of the same essential oil uses spearmint was celebrated for in the ancient Mediterranean are still hailed today

Ten of the best spearmint essential oil uses can be found below. Many of them relate to the oil’s proven effectiveness as an antimicrobial agent, as determined in studies. Others relate to neural health, and some draw from Ayurvedic roots in terms of digestive use. The gentle nature of spearmint essential oil make it a safe and soothing solution for a wide range of health conditions, according to ancient medicine and anecdotal and folkloric healing.

1. Bug Bites: Although it’s a minor condition, bug bites can be horribly annoying for just about anyone. Spearmint may not only help prevent infection at the bite site when applied neat topically, but it may also help to reduce the associated itch around the area as well.

2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s): These spearmint essential oil uses are straight out of myth, but their historical applications do make some sense. It’s believed that the ancient Greeks added the pathogen killing oil to popular Roman Baths in an effort to prevent the spread of STD’s.

3. Fatigue: Using spearmint in aromatherapy is thought to be useful in combating fatigue. Even though spearmint contains less menthol than peppermint, it’s still this natural chemical compound that is thought to be responsible for the oil’s fatigue reversing effects.

4. Digestive Problems: With proper advice and consultation with a healthcare provider, internal ingestion of appropriately dosed spearmint oil may help relieve a wide range of digestive upsets. Flatulence, cramping and bloating are all thought to benefit from spearmint essential oil uses, and those with IBS may achieve even more symptom reducing benefits.

5. Hormonal Imbalance: When hormones are out of sync, many different and mostly unpleasant things can happen in the body. For certain symptoms related to a hormonal imbalance such as excess hair growth in women or polycystic ovarian syndrome, spearmint is thought to be an effective natural agent. There is no evidence to support this theory; however the remedy remains popular even today in alternative medicine.

6. Circulation: Spearmint essential oil uses are thought to include boosting circulation which can have a wide range of benefits throughout the body including increased energy and lowered risk of certain types of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Oral Health: It’s not a surprise that spearmint oil has made its way into numerous commercially prepared products for oral health. However, it’s not just the sweet scent and flavor that made spearmint a popular toothpaste and mouthwash additive. Research proven antimicrobial properties keep the mouth free from germs that can cause disease, and making a homemade mouthwash with the oil may be better than store bought, according to some.

8. Stress Relief: Studies have proven that aromatherapy can have soothing and calming effects, and menthol – as is found in spearmint – is thought to have even more pronounced properties when inhaled via aromatherapy. Menthol may boast an almost sedative nature and can be hugely beneficial in persons with daily or repeated stress and anxiety.

9. Sinus Congestion: Steam inhalation of essential oils is quite popular in providing congestion relief, but spearmint essential oil uses may have a leg up on some others in this regard because in addition to helping reduce inflammation and hence, pain, spearmint may also provide germ killing benefits too, potentially helping defeat the source of the discomfort.

10. Muscle Spasms: Spearmint is not well known for being a popular massage oil, but perhaps that should change. Adding it to a comforting carrier oil like almond oil and using the blend in a gentle massage may help to reduce discomfort related to muscle cramps, menstrual cramps and general body aches and pains.

Unfortunately, spearmint is often shadowed by powerfully potent peppermint, keeping it out of many popular essential oil blends. But, some elevating blends may contain spearmint and those associated with eradicating lice may boast spearmint as well.