Top 10 Oregano Essential Oil Uses

Oregano Essential Oil Uses

Nearly everyone is familiar with oregano, but in its dried and less impressive form, found in a container in a cabinet or sitting on a spice rack. Though the spice and fresh plant are commonly used in other applications aside from cooking – including alternative medicine – the oil extracted from the plant’s leaves and flowers are thought to be incredibly more potent. This substance is considered to be one of the most powerful germ killers on the planet, a trait from which many oregano essential oil uses come from.

Like all plant oils, essential oil uses attributed to oregano come from the various natural chemical constituents found in the substance. Oregano contains terpenes as well as thymol and carvacrol, which are all responsible for the oil’s effectiveness against bacteria, viruses and fungus. Rosmarinic acid found in the oil provides its antioxidant properties, and naringin is thought to be the compound behind the oil’s cancer related attributes. Inflammation related oregano essential oil uses are likely linked to the beta-caryophyllin found in the oil, and it’s also considered rich in nutrients. This cocktail of natural compounds are what have made oregano a natural remedy for a wide range of medicinal uses for a very long time, and ten of the best of these uses follow.

1. Food Poisoning: Some studies indicate that oregano oil may have multiple uses in terms of common food related pathogens like E. coli and Shigella dysenteriae. Not only is possible that ingesting a drop of the oil diluted in water may quell some food poisoning related symptoms, but it’s also being explored as an agent to add to food to prevent its initial contamination altogether.

2. Repelling Insects: Consider a one to three part oregano oil to carrier oil dilution for use in repelling various insects. Carvacrol found in the substance is what is thought to be responsible for repellent based oregano essential oil uses, and if skin application is not desired, a drop here or there on furniture may be effective for keeping a larger area bug free.

3. Sore Throats: Though it’s not considered an analgesic, there are two good reasons that oregano essential oil uses have long included providing relief for sore throats. Most of the time, pain from a sore throat is caused from inflammation, and oregano oil is considered one of the most effective natural inflammation reducers in existence. Additionally, antimicrobial effects may help attack the germy source of sore throats, if applicable, providing further benefit. A couple of drops of the oil added to a glass of water may speed both avenues of relief for sufferers.

4. Bug Bites and Rashes: A common home remedy for various common skin problems such as poison ivy and bug bites involves mixing oregano oil with olive oil and applying to the affected area. Not only will the antiseptic nature of the combination prevent infection, it’s also thought to help relieve itching and reduce swelling and redness, too.

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Oregano essential oil uses relating to inflammation are what make it particularly of interest to RA sufferers, who may find that the oil applied topically diluted can help relieve some of the discomfort caused by the condition.

6. Sprains, Cramps, Muscle and Joint Pain: Athletes may find oregano oil especially useful should they encounter common cramps and sprains because it may help relieve pain and discomfort from the minor injuries. This application is related to the same oregano essential oil uses noted for joint and muscle pain especially that linked to certain health conditions.

7. MRSA: Ten years ago, few people were familiar with MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus). Today, it’s regularly discussed as it becomes harder to treat, and more prevalent in hospitals worldwide. Some success in killing the bacteria with oregano oil was demonstrated in a recent study, offering hope for controlling the condition naturally – which is of huge potential value in the current atmosphere of antibiotic overuse.

8. Parasites: It will probably take a few more years to truly understand oregano essential oil uses in terms of eradicating parasites. However, one promising study found that in the case of the giardia amoeba, oregano oil performed better than some pharmaceuticals.

9. Respiratory Problems: Just breathing in the aroma of oregano oil may help reduce the symptoms of various respiratory illnesses. This is thought to be related to the potent concentration of phenols found in the oil, which may help quiet coughs, amongst other applications.

10. Oral Infections: Using oregano oil in mouth pulling or a homemade gargle can be hugely beneficial in persons who have sores inside the mouth or oral problems resulting from bacteria or infections.