Top 10 Melissa Essential Oil Uses

Melissa Essential Oil Uses

Melissa is a small plant with toothed leaves from the mint family that can be found in parts of Asia, North America and Europe, which is more commonly referred to as lemon balm. The plant produces small flowers that are either yellow or white that are quite appealing to honeybees, which is thought to be the root of the plant’s name (from the Greek word for honey bee). Getting the oil out of the leaves is incredibly difficult, and as a result the oil is not only very expensive, but it’s also regularly imitated. Sourcing quality and genuine product is imperative to truly taking advantage of the numerous, regularly-hailed purported melissa essential oil uses, and since it’s so pricey, it’s good to know that most concur that the substance is so powerful, it’s healing effects are still quite apparent even when diluted by up to ten times.

There are two main categories of essential oil uses linked to melissa oil (lemon balm essential oil), and they are related to mental health and killing germs. But because of pain relieving, inflammation reducing and sedative qualities attributed to the substance, it’s been used for countless other health and wellness applications for decades. Ten of the most common melissa essential oil uses follow and include functions for just about every system and symptom imaginable.

1. Cognitive Conditions: One area where melissa oil is getting quite a lot of attention is in terms of its use in aromatherapy for persons with certain conditions affecting cognition, like Alzheimer’s disease. This disease, and conditions like it, tends to cause anger and agitation, and melissa has successfully been used in evening aromatherapy to calm some of these symptoms.

2. Insomnia and Sleep: Many plant oils have sedative qualities, and melissa is no exception. While it may not be one of the best known (or most cost effective) sleep inducers, it’s worth considering using it in aromatherapy or diffusion for this purpose. Because of numerous other melissa essential oil uses, some believe that their restful night’s sleep may come complete with other benefits as well such as relief from nerve related conditions.

3. Immunity: Because melissa is considered one of the most powerful antiviral agents found in nature, some consider it an important agent for boosting immunity and providing protective support from various illnesses caused from viral pathogens. Taking the oil (therapeutic grade only) internally via capsule is one method of use that many prefer for this application. Support for this use comes from the theory that melissa oil may be able to penetrate the body’s cells and eradicate viruses before they can replicate.

4. Allergies: Some attest that melissa essential oil uses may include providing relief from allergies, and suggest adding a single drop to a glass of water (therapeutic grade only) and ingesting for allergy symptom relief.

5. Colds: Common colds are caused by viruses – and killing viral pathogens is perhaps the best known of all melissa essential oil uses – so there are no surprises behind this selection. What perhaps IS surprising is the method in which some choose to use melissa for combating the common cold – applied neat to reflex points as opposed to internally or via aromatherapy.

6. Herpes: It’s imperative to consult a healthcare professional before using natural remedies on serious and contagious illnesses, and this should occur before using melissa on herpes outbreaks. Supporters of the method in the alternative healing community suggest a thrice daily application of the oil neat during periods of outbreak (and once daily use in the general area when outbreaks are not present).

7. Blood Pressure: Some believe that the calming effects behind many melissa essential oil uses may also have benefits for hypertension, and that inhaling the plant’s aroma a couple of times daily may help keep blood pressure closer to normal ranges.

8. Warts: For many people, getting rid of a wart is challenging, costly and sometimes even painful. Over the counter remedies may work for some people, but others end up dealing with expensive, invasive procedures that may not remove the wart at all. At the root of many melissa essential oil uses lie antiviral properties, which make it potentially enormously effective in the case of virus-caused warts. Some attest that twice daily neat application to the affected area can cause a wart to fall off in no time.

9. Depression: Today, there are countless prescription medications designed to help treat depression and its symptoms, and unfortunately many of them can have quite damaging side effects. This is even more problematic when the medications are used in children. For these reasons, some seek alternative treatment options for depression, of which aromatherapy with melissa oil may be a valid choice.

10. Symptoms of Menstruation: There is almost no end to the countless ways in which melissa essential oil uses may positively impact women suffering from menstruation related symptoms. Aromatherapy with the oil may help balance the mood and provide calming comfort, and the oil’s pain relieving properties may be useful when the substance is diluted and applied externally to areas of discomfort, such as those affected by common cramping. Nausea, headaches and anxiety are all also related to menstruation, and each may benefit from the complex natural properties of melissa essential oil.

Extreme caution should be used when looking for blends containing melissa, because it’s such an expensive oil that some blends will say they contain melissa (or, lemon balm essential oil, alternatively) when they really do not – and there is no true way to know for sure. One of the best ways to tell if a blend really contains melissa is to know which blends it’s commonly found in first, and melissa is found in precious few, generally limited to those promoting joy.