Top 10 Marjoram Essential Oil Uses

Marjoram Essential Oil Uses

Marjoram may be a fixture in the spice cabinets of many, but few are aware of where the spice actually comes from. A relative of oregano, marjoram is a small plant native to Hungary boasting small, purplish flowers. These flowers, along with the plant’s leaves, are the parts from which the marjoram essential oil is distilled. Its relation to oregano means that many of marjoram essential oil uses are similar to that of its better known counterpart, but since it’s considered a little less strong than oregano, some may prefer it especially in terms of ingestion.

Like most essential oils uses, those of marjoram rely on a specific set of healing properties that are what lies beneath its medicinal uses. Pain relieving and spasm reducing benefits are prevalent in marjoram essential oil, as are antibacterial and disinfectant properties, too. These primary marjoram essential oil uses may be some of the best known, but the oil is also thought to help soothe coughs and provide an antioxidant boost, in addition to sedative properties as well. These properties are further emphasized in the ten best marjoram essential oil uses detailed below that highlight the substance’s strengths, some of which rely on the oil’s gentleness compared to its stronger relative.

1. Sore Joints and Muscles: Either neat application to the affected area or a soothing massage with the oil blended with a gentle carrier are thought to be appropriate uses of marjoram oil in order to relieve discomfort from painful joints and muscles. Some believe that marjoram is as effective as over the counter pain relievers without some of the side effects associated with them.

2. Menstrual Cramping: Some marjoram essential oil uses take advantage of the oil’s natural antispasmodic properties and from menstrual cramps to Charlie horses, the combination of spasm quelling and pain relief that may occur with the use of topically applied oil may provide fast results.

3. Colds and Flu: Some believe that applying marjoram oil in a massaging motion to the lymph nodes or neck and chest when cold symptoms appear may help stop common illnesses in their tracks. There is little scientific evidence to support these claims, but the oil’s germ killing and expectorant properties may be the source of the theory.

4. Stress Relief: Like many similar substances, marjoram essential oil uses are thought to include stress relief and studies have proven that aromatherapy using oils can be useful in this regard. Although diffusion and aromatherapy are popular methods of using marjoram oil for stress relief, many find that simply adding a few drops to the bath can yield similar and even amplified results.

5. Home Disinfection: Killing germs indoors can be challenging, and not everyone prefers the smells and chemical content associated with typical household cleansers. Both when used on surfaces and diffused into the air, marjoram is thought to be useful in keeping homes’ germ levels in check.

6. Upset Tummies: For various reasons, digestive discomfort occurs commonly and not all over the counter remedies are effective or free from side effects. Many find that marjoram essential oil uses include a side effect free way to relieve stomach discomfort from various sources. Adding one or two drops to juice, water or honey may help provide fast relief for a wide range of tummy troubles.

7. Sexual Desire Depression: Most essential oils help boost sexual stimulation and desire, and marjoram is believed to actually have the opposite effect. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who find their sexual urges a little out of hand may benefit from libido crushing marjoram oil, used in aromatherapy or diffusion.

8. Headaches and Brain Health: Some believe that like peppermint oil, a single drop of marjoram applied neat to the head may help relieve headaches, although this home remedy remains anecdotal at best. However, that may not be the only way that marjoram essential oil uses may benefit the body’s thought center, as it’s also been suggested useful in maintaining overall brain health and reducing the risk of age related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

9. Detoxification: The jury is still out as to whether any product, natural or otherwise, actually helps the body rid itself of toxins. However, marjoram joins other essential oils in a group thought to help increase perspiration and therefore removing excessive physical pollutants. Because an increase in sweating is the mechanism of action behind this particular benefit, not everyone is convinced that this function is valuable.

10. Diuretic: Perhaps those looking to detox will also appreciate marjoram’s delicate diuretic properties. It’s believed by some that marjoram essential oil uses include increasing the frequency of urination as well as its quantity. This action may help reduce the amount of bile salts, sodium and uric acid found in the body as well as other potential unwanteds.

Marjoram essential oil is considered to be quite gentle and well tolerated and as a result of this and its numerous purported health benefits, it can be found in a great variety of oil blends. Tension blends, massage blends and calming blends may all include marjoram oil and those used for women’s health specifically with regards menstrual problems may also include the oregano relative.