Top 10 Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses

Juniper Berry Essential Oil Uses

The juniper plant is found in many parts of the world and its prevalence lent to its wide use in religious and social applications, where it was often burned as incense or to purify air. Oil distilled from the plant’s deep purple berries and needles is also thought to have valuable health applications, and many claim that the best products to take advantage of juniper berry essential oil uses come from sources in Bulgaria. Juniper essential oil and that distilled from its berries has long been associated with urinary health and digestive support, but some of its most interesting uses may relate to emotional well-being, alternatively.

The best known of all essential oil uses relate to aromatherapy and their proven stress and anxiety relieving benefits. Juniper berry oil is quite popular used in this way, but it’s also generally well tolerated applied neat to the skin, diluted and massaged into the skin, and even ingested – if quality, therapeutic grade oils are used in proper dosage as recommended by a professional. The best ten juniper berry essential oil uses follow, and include tried and true home remedies, anecdotal and historical applications and inspirational potential, modern use ideas.

1. Alcoholism: People suffering from drug and alcohol addictions often need help to stop. For some, that help comes in the form of medications, while others may find therapy and group sessions most beneficial. For most, a combination of medical and therapeutic techniques is often required to help kick addiction, but some find using one or two drops of juniper berry essential oil in the hands and then inhaling the aroma additionally useful, especially during periods of urges.

2. Bladder Infections: Some of the best known juniper berry essential oil uses relate to urinary tract health and some claim it to be more effective than traditional home remedies like cranberry juice. Use of the oil in this application involves an abdominal massage of one or two drops of oil every couple of hours.

3. Menstrual Cramps: Juniper berry is thought to boast antispasmodic properties, and these are likely what is behind the oil’s use in menstrual cramps. Two drops of oil applied to the affected area and then covered with a heating pad may be able to provide some temporary relief from discomfort.

4. Detoxification: There is still a debate raging about whether or not any agent, natural or otherwise, can actually speed the rate at which toxins are removed from the body. However, juniper berry essential oil uses are thought to include stimulating detoxifying processes in the body, a notion no doubt supported by the oil’s natural diuretic properties.

5. Nightmares: Juniper berry oil used in aromatherapy is thought by some to be effective against bad dreams and nightmares as well as reducing fear. For these reasons, it’s used via inhalation popularly in children who are susceptible to nighttime fears such as being afraid of the dark.

6. Digestive Problems: Because juniper berry essential oil uses are thought to include reducing muscle spasms and inflammation as well, it’s popularly used for a wide variety of digestive problems that can carry these effects as symptoms. Interestingly enough, one of the most common methods of application for this use is neat, topical application to the reflex points on the feet.

7. Diabetes: It’s unclear just how juniper berry oil may be useful in persons with diabetes; however its healthful properties do provide some clues. Astringent properties may provide toning benefits to the nerves for symptoms relief, inflammation reduction may help relieved generalized discomfort, and diuretic properties may assist with water retention.

8. Acne: Some juniper berry essential oil uses are related to the oil’s antiseptic properties, and its use in acne starts with this property as well. By killing some of the germy source of acne, juniper berry oil may help reduce it altogether. Skin benefits may be furthered by the oil’s astringent nature, which may tighten and firm the skin. A single drop or two applied neat after regular cleansing is generally well tolerated for acne relief, but those with sensitive skin may want to consider adding it instead to a moisturizer.

9. Congestion: Juniper berry oil is considered a home remedy for congestion and some believe that neat topical application of a drop or two massaged around the chest and throat may help bring some sinus relief, although the same application into the appropriate reflex points on the feet is another way the oil is used in this purpose.

10. Heartburn: When stomach acid creeps up into areas that it doesn’t belong, such as the esophagus, the result can be painful and burning discomfort. Many over the counter and prescription products exist to manage these symptoms, but juniper berry essential oil uses are also purported to include heartburn relief. Internal consumption via capsule of therapeutic grade oils or a single drop external massage over the area of discomfort may provide some relief.