Top 10 Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

Clary sage is not misnamed; it’s a relative of the kitchen spice that many people are familiar with today. It was once found mostly in parts of Europe (where it’s still the most prolific) but thanks to cultivation can be found worldwide. The oil from the plant is derived from the herb and can be incredibly expensive. However, given both historical and modern day clary sage essential oil uses, many are willing to shell out the money needed to procure the purportedly powerful oil.

For thousands of years, essential oils uses have covered a wide range of applications. They were useful in many religious ceremonies and rituals and some were even considered a valuable form of currency at one point or another. But, the most enduring essential oils uses are probably their medicinal utilization and in the case of clary sage, it became perhaps most widely known in the Middle Ages. During this period, the oil was known for its ability to promote clear eyes, which is where the name “clary” may have come from – based on the Latin word clarus, for “clear.”

But, clary sage essential oil uses are far more complex than just promoting good eye health, and it’s well known for its benefits for the nervous system, women’s health and more. Ten of the very best clary sage essential oils uses follow all perhaps lending to validating the oil’s notoriously high price tag.

1. Libido Boost: Many essential oils are known for their abilities to enhance sexual desire and while it’s difficult to prove which ones are and are not effective and who they may be effective for, anecdotal use of clary sage in this way points to aphrodisiac properties perhaps being some of the oil’s oldest uses. It’s thought that this ability relates to the oil’s effects on hormone levels, a use best taken advantage of via aromatherapy.

2. Skin Rashes: There is one particular compound found in clary sage known as linalyl acetate that is associated with reducing inflammation. In terms of skin care, this means that redness and swelling that can accompany rashes may be lessened when the oil is applied neat, directly to the affected area (although some prefer a carrier oil for increased absorption).

3. Wound Care: Clary sage is thought to possess antiseptic properties that make it ideal in the case of minor wounds. In addition to anti inflammatory benefits, the oil may also help keep a wound from getting infected. This celebrated historical use is still popular today, and some proponents of alternative healing also suggest it may be useful following surgery.

4. Menstrual Cramps: Some clary sage essential oil uses may exist because of the effects the oil is thought to have on hormones in the body. This combined with the oil’s antispasmodic properties are likely why it’s commonly indicated for the relief of menstrual cramps. Massaging the oil into the abdomen is typically the preferred method of use for the oil in menstrual cramps.

5. Stress Relief: There are few moments in life more intense and stressful than labor, and a very long study found that clary sage was a standout amongst other essential oils in terms of reducing stress and anxiety for both the delivering mother and the team of medical professionals assisting when inhaled during the process. This exciting study helps support one of the most well known clary sage essential oil uses, calming and soothing stress relief (the study also found labor pains slightly reduced as well!).

6. Growing Hair: There is no miracle cure for regrowing hair, and people with health conditions or genetic patterns contributing to hair growth won’t find clary sage miraculously effective. However some essential oils may help stimulate healthy hair growth by a modest amount and clary sage is believed to be one of them, when massaged regularly into the scalp.

7. Dandruff: Perhaps people using the oil to regrow hair stumbled upon another of the most interesting clary sage essential oil uses. It’s been observed in some that regular application of the oil to the scalp may help reduce sebum production and result in less dandruff.

8. Nervousness: Clary sage is considered a natural sedative, but it’s also historically known as a nerve tonic, potentially being used to calm the nerves and also in cases of hysteria, vertigo and anxiety. Though some nerve related clary sage essential oil uses like convulsions are perhaps not safe uses of the oil today, general improved health of the nervous system via inhalation of the oil’s vapors may be practical applications.

9. Indigestion: Just how clary sage may affect digestion is unknown, but it’s thought to help not only regulate gastric juice production, but also be a potent and powerful reliever of intestinal gas, which can be extremely uncomfortable.

10. Deodorant: Sometimes the simplest use of a natural product is the most easily overlooked. Modern deodorants often contain irritating chemicals and not all are effective. Clary sage essential oil uses include antibacterial properties that may help counter the source of underarm stink, and when diluted it’s thought to provide effective underarm protection without irritation.

Clary sage is a more costly and harder to procure oil, so it’s not typically found in many blends. However, it does appear from time to time in blends associated with women’s health, one of the oil’s oldest uses.