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Best Essential Oils for Yeast Infection – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infection is one of the most common ailments that can affect virtually any woman at any age. Within the perplexing part exists a delicate balance of bacteria and yeast that if knocked out of whack can lead to a common condition that is generally not serious known simply

Best Essential Oils for Nail Fungus – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Nail Fungus

When most people think of fungi, they think of sliced mushrooms piled atop a pizza. These edibles are in fact a form of fungus, but they’re hardly as abundant as microscopic funguses which are invisible to the naked eye yet all around us. Some types of microscopic fungi are useful and provide

Top 5 Cassia Essential Oil Uses

Cassia Essential Oil Uses

People who think they’re unfamiliar with cassia couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, that which is commonly referred to as “cinnamon” is quite often actually cassia, a close relative to more expensive and harder to obtain cinnamon. Even though it’s generally regarded as a cheap cinnamon knock off today

Best Essential Oils for Bladder Infection – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Bladder Infection

Bladder infections are quite common and appear much more abundantly in men than the do in women, a phenomenon that doctors have attributed to various things including the proximity of the urethra to the vagina and the anus as well as a much shorter urethra altogether.