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Top 10 Cypress Essential Oil Uses

Cypress Essential Oil Uses

Commonly found in wetland type environments, the cypress is an evergreen tree that can be found in southern portions of Europe, but is also quite common in areas like Morocco, North America, parts of Africa and elsewhere. The tree boasts nut-filled cones and tiny flowers, but it’s the needles

Top 10 Clove Essential Oil Uses

Clove Essential Oil Uses

Most people are familiar with clove as it’s a popular spice that often makes its way into Indian cuisine, but few understand where it actually comes from. A clove tree can reach twenty to thirty feet tall and is found in many tropical areas, most notably Madagascar. The spice that most are familiar with

Top 10 Geranium Essential Oil Uses

Geranium Essential Oil Uses

Many people are familiar with geraniums, however the houseplants and flowerbed constants that most people think of as geraniums are not the plants from which essential oils are made; rather close family members from varieties grown all over the world. The flowers’ aroma makes its essential oils quite popular

Top 10 Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses

Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses

There are more than fifty different types of lemongrass, a long and slender member of the grass family that, not surprisingly, boasts a strong lemony and earthy scent. Despite the number of lemongrass varieties, not all of them are safe for use in cooking and medicinal applications, and just two are

Top 10 Myrrh Essential Oil Uses

Myrrh Essential Oil Uses

The essential oil known as myrrh is derived from a tree that is known as Commiphora Myrrha, which is found in parts of the Middle East and Africa. It boasts a light bark and bright white flowers that make it very easy to identify. Sap from the tree that is dried into small pieces is what is used in order to make

Top 10 Rosemary Essential Oil Uses

Rosemary Essential Oil Uses

Most people today are familiar with rosemary, a needle boasting spice that makes its way into meat dishes and sauces when used in the kitchen. But, long before rosemary became little more than a spice rack mainstay, it was celebrated for a wide range of physical and mental healing benefits

Top 10 Bergamot Essential Oil Uses

Bergamot Essential Oil Uses

Bergamot is a tree that produces a hybrid like fruit that’s a cross between a lemon and an orange. It’s thought to be a southern Asia native, but was most widely grown in southern Italy where it received its name, after the city Bergamo. Although it takes the cold pressing of nearly a hundred fruits

Top 10 Tangerine Essential Oil Uses

Tangerine Essential Oil Uses

Tangerines are of course a citrus fruit, largely related to sweet mandarin oranges although differently hued and harvested at a different point during the year. Its peel is put through a cold compression process to extract its essential oil, which contains a great many complex chemical components

Top 10 Marjoram Essential Oil Uses

Marjoram Essential Oil Uses

Marjoram may be a fixture in the spice cabinets of many, but few are aware of where the spice actually comes from. A relative of oregano, marjoram is a small plant native to Hungary boasting small, purplish flowers. These flowers, along with the plant’s leaves, are the parts from which the marjoram essential oil

Top 10 Patchouli Essential Oil Uses

Patchouli Essential Oil Uses

Because of soaring popularity in the 1960’s and 1970’s, patchouli may forever be associated with the hippy movement that defined an era. Despite this affiliation, patchouli actually hails from parts of Asia, where no doubt many of its original medicinal uses were uncovered. The oil responsible for most