Essential Oils Uses: Mental Health

Best Essential Oils for Depression – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Depression

Depression is a very common illness that refers to feelings of sadness that occur regularly and have an impact on daily life or normal activities. Some people never seek treatment for the condition, some people turn to medications, and some prefer natural remedies like using essential oils

Essential Oils for Memory – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Memory

Aromatherapy is the practice of utilizing the aromatic oils found in many plants through inhalation in order to provide purported benefits to physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Best Essential Oils for Stress – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Stress

For many people, stress is a mental response to stimuli. This is accepted by some, but the actual definition of stress is quite broad. So broad, in fact that the medical community tends to prefer not to define it

Best Essential Oils for Dementia – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Dementia

Though often thought of as a single disease, dementia really is not a disease at all. Instead, it is a catch-all term that applies to an entire collection of symptoms associated with a general decline in thinking ability caused ultimately by damage to brain cells.

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Anxiety

Every single human on the planet will experience anxiety at some point. For most people, it is a regular occurrence with varying levels of severity. What triggers anxiety will vary from person to person and even day to day, and it is unrealistic to think that anxiety can or will ever be eliminated completely.