Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

There is no miracle pill or wonder drugs that will help people lose weight either produced in a pharmaceutical lab or found in nature. Losing and maintaining a healthy weight requires a healthy lifestyle that demands regular physical activity and a sensible diet. There are however some products and substances that may make the process a little easier and results a little more noticeable, as can be evidenced by the incredible variety of weight loss aids that flood the market each and every year. In terms of pills and capsules, some weight loss aids can cause side effects and not all are effective for their intended purpose. Some people find that natural products including using essential oils for weight loss, is a better way to supplement their daily efforts and support a good diet and exercise routine.

Only in recent decades have the past hundreds of year’s worth of essential oils uses began to truly be explored. Some applications such as relieving stress via aromatherapy have been quite well proven. Other essential oils uses such as those relating to curing illnesses and reducing symptoms of various health conditions are still being studied (although some have yielded quite remarkable results). In terms of using essential oils for weight loss, a vast majority of use relies solely on user testimonials. However some limited research into the effects that some plant oils may have on the body, for instance on metabolism, is providing some support to these claims from the alternative healing community.

It is important to understand that regardless of how much scientific data is ever collected on how effective using essential oils for weight loss may be, they are not and will never be a substitute for a sensible diet and regular exercise. These things are important to not only losing weight, but better overall health and a lower risk of serious diseases. Essential oils for weight loss may work in various ways, including reducing cravings, reducing the urge to eat during times of stress, boosting metabolism, detoxification, eradicating intestinal parasites, boosting energy to make exercise more enjoyable and much more – but a doctor should be consulted before using any plant oils internally or applied to the skin as some may be poisonous or irritant. The five best suggested essential oils for weight loss follow, each bringing its own unique benefits to help combat the challenges of losing excess pounds.

1. Grapefruit Oil: Perhaps the most regularly recommended essential oil for use in promoting weight loss is grapefruit essential oil, and it is thought that it is contained natural chemical compound d-limonene is responsible for its beneficial effects. Lab studies found this substance useful in reducing oxidative damage and aiding in the release of fatty acids into the blood, both of which have been suggested to support weight loss. Other potential benefits include detoxification to promote a healthy metabolism and an antioxidant boost, too.

2. Lemon Oil: Lemon essential oil joins grapefruit as one of the best essential oils for weight loss and for basically the same reasons, but adds another that some people may find particularly interesting. It has been suggested that intestinal parasites may be eradicated with lemon essential oil, and these hidden beasties are thought to promote weight gain in some cases. Detoxification and energy support benefits are also thought to be included in lemon’s arsenal, which is best used internally, a drop or two at a time in a glass of warm water. Diffusion before meals and neat massage of the oil into cellulite ridden areas may provide additional benefits.

3. Ginger Oil: Though this oil is probably best known for its role in digestive health, that is not all there is to it. Ginger essential oil is also thought to promote healthy energy when inhaled, which may provide ample motivation for healthy physical activity. The oil’s well known digestive benefits cannot be overlooked, however. A healthy digestive system is necessary for the proper use of nutrients from ingested foods, and some find ginger useful in this way when applied topically to the bottoms of the feet or drank in a glass of water a single drop at a time.

4. Cinnamon Oil: Losing weight can be a whole lot easier if overeating is eliminated from the equation, and that is what makes cinnamon essential oil one of the best essential oils for weight loss. Not only can inhaling the oil potentially help prevent overeating if enjoyed half an hour before meals, but cinnamon is also thought to be very effective against an overabundance of Candida, which has been suggested to cause weight gain. For this use, and furthered appetite control, ingestion of therapeutic grade only oils may be appropriate where one or two drops are added to a glass of water an hour before meals.

5. Peppermint Oil: The studies on just how intimately peppermint affects receptors in the brain are still in the works, but it is been suggested that peppermint essential oil may be one of the best essential oils for weight loss because of these effects. One study found that inhaling the oil’s aroma made people feel less hungry, which obviously could substantially impact other efforts geared towards losing weight. Additionally, since digestive problems can significantly impact weight loss attempts, peppermints purported ability to soothe them may be beneficial as well. In addition to promoting healthy energy, these benefits may be obtained by adding a drop or two to a glass of water and enjoying before meals.