Best Essential Oils for Warts – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Warts

Few fairy tales including a wicked witch, frog prince or evil queen would be complete without characteristic warts – almost purposely included to further insinuate sinister intentions. In reality, warts are relatively harmless skin growths that few issues and don’t require any sort of treatment (keep in mind that this excludes genital warts entirely). Even though they cause no problem, most people want warts removed fast. Their rough and bumpy texture, characteristic center speckling and dry edges are not appealing, and this is especially true when they appear on visible areas of skin like the hands. In general, warts appear most often on the feet and hands, and are caused by a virus called HPV (human papillomavirus). Coming into contact with the virus causes it to spread, and touching a wart and then touching another body part can cause another wart to develop, although this does not always occur. Common treatments can be ineffective, expensive and invasive and as a result, many people look for natural alternatives, including the use of essential oils for warts.

Typical treatments for gnarly warts include over the counter remedies like salicylic acid. Unfortunately, not everyone will have success with this common and inexpensive remedy. Interestingly enough, one home remedy for warts is simply covering it with duct tape, although it can be argued that since warts can remedy on their own at anytime, success with duct tape may be more of a convenient coincidence than an actual treatment. Other options for dealing with warts include injections of medicines to remedy it, freezing the wart off or surgically removing the wart. Given the cost and discomfort associated with some of these solutions, it’s much easier to see why some prefer natural and pain free options like essential oils for warts.

Understanding just how plant oils may be effective on warts requires examining the cause of the warts in the first place. When a person comes into contact with HPV, it can enter the skin’s top layer if there is an opening or the skin is broken. The virus that has been inserted into the skin is what causes the rapid skin growth that leads to wart formation. This process is why essential oils uses uncovered over the last few hundred years are so important, because many complex plant oils are thought to bear natural antiviral properties. Additionally, while some can be skin irritant if a carrier oil is not incorporated, using essential oils for warts is perhaps less likely to cause discomfort or irritation than some other treatment methods, and topical application removes the need for invasive procedures. With natural antiviral properties, as well as other skin improving enhancements, the best five essential oils for warts follow.

1. Eucalyptus Oil: This respiratory favorite has more use than just aromatherapy, and when diluted with a carrier oil, topical application benefits may include eradicating virus-caused warts. In addition to natural antiviral properties, eucalyptus also may help reduce inflammation and relieve pain as well. It’s commonly used in general for numerous skin care applications, and may be one of the best essential oils for warts for these reasons.

2. Lemon Oil: Few plant oils are as associated with germ killing as lemon, and that’s one reason it finds its way into many homes’ kitchens and bathrooms, killing germs of all shapes and sizes. Natural antiviral properties are what make it popular for use on warts, but it’s rather potent and some may find it irritating, necessitating the use of not only high quality oils, but also a skin test and carrier oil as opposed to neat application.

3. Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil: This particular plant oil is becoming increasingly popular in beauty products, but its reputation as one of the best essential oils for warts should not be overlooked, because wart removal can be just as important a part of appearance enhancement as good hair. It’s actually considered a valuable antiviral when diffused, however neat application is ideal in cases of common warts.

4. Oregano Oil: The minty Italian herb is overlooked fairly regularly for medicinal applications, which is a shame because it’s actually believed by some in the alternative healing community to be one of the best natural disinfectants around. Specifically with regards common warts, oregano is thought to have antiviral properties and though it’s very strong (a carrier oil must be used for topical application) with care and proper use is generally well tolerated. Diffusion is another popular method of use, and this dual use emphasizes why oregano is one of the best essential oils for warts. Diffusion and aromatherapy are both thought to provide additional antiviral properties as well as an immunity boost so that they body can do a better job of combating the invading virus on its own.

5. Lavender Oil: Lavender is associated with sleeping and soothing, but it’s nearly as potent as it is gentle. This particular selection is one of the best essential oils for warts if skin is especially sensitive, as it is even used topically neat (without dilution or a carrier oil) on children. Lavender boasts antiseptic and disinfectant properties and is known to provide some relief from pain as well. Using in a bath or diffusion can provide extra support and of course the soothing relaxation lavender is known for.