Best Essential Oils for Varicose Veins – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Varicose Veins

Quite simply, veins that have become varicose refer to those that are enlarged and twisted or tangled. Smaller, less enlarged and gnarled veins are typically referred to as “spider veins”, though they are essentially the same thing as varicose veins in a milder form. Most of the time, this problem affects the lower limbs, including the feet and legs. This is not surprising because the circulatory entities in the feet and legs are under much more pressure than those in the upper body. In the vast majority of instances, varicose veins are little more than an unsightly, cosmetic issue. But, there are some cases where pain and discomfort can occur as a result. In these more extreme scenarios, it is important that a medical evaluation take place in order to rule out any health problems that might be contributing to the condition state. For generalized and asymptomatic cases, essential oils for varicose veins may offer up a suitable natural treatment option.

There are several things that are generally responsible for producing varicose veins. Two of the most common are pregnancy and increasing age. Occupations that require longer than normal periods of standing and excessive weight or weight gain may also be causes. Pregnancy related varicose veins often subside within a few months after delivery, but unfortunately age related varicose veins may be much more difficult to remedy. These particular instances are caused by a loss of elasticity in the veins, which can promote weakness and allow blood to fall backwards, causing an enlargement of veins due to pooling. Varicose veins related to occupational inactivity or obesity are far more preventable and potentially treatable, and there are a great many treatment options available, including natural choices like using essential oils for varicose veins.

The medicinal benefits related to essential oils uses have been explored and documented for hundreds of years. The once highly valuable natural substances are perhaps best known today for their role in aromatherapy. However, new and exciting studies are finding an abundant array of potential uses for the once cherished oils, including those related to circulatory and vein health. Though using essential oils for varicose veins may help reduce the appearance of the twisted, enlarged and unsightly cosmetic blunders, there are also some things to remember about using essential oils in general. The best five to beat varicose veins follow, but they should not be used without consulting with a healthcare or alternative healing professional and all essentials should be used safely. Though essential oils uses in medicine have existed throughout history, they have not been proven to or approved for treating any disease or condition and some may have harmful effects including irritation or toxicity. Remember, while some essential oils for varicose veins just may help reduce discomfort, prevent their formation and slow their development, exercise, elevation, healthy and frequent movement, proper clothing and a good diet are invaluable self care measures.

1. Helichrysum Oil: Perhaps unsurprisingly, this rather pricey plant based oil that comes from the flowers of the helichrysum plant is also one of the best known essential oil based remedies for blood clots as well as varicose veins. There are actually several reasons why helichrysum essential oil is considered one of the best essential oils for varicose veins including its anesthetic, anticoagulant and antispasmodic properties, but it may be even more beneficial in people who are experiencing symptoms as a result of their varicose veins because it has been suggested to have pain relieving properties as well.

2. Chamomile Oil: When most people think of chamomile, they think of a delicious tea that is often enjoyed before bed. However, chamomile has numerous additional uses for health and it may also be one of the lesser known essential oils for varicose veins. It has been suggested that when applied externally with a carrier oil or used in a balm, chamomile essential oil may help reduce inflammation, which is a common characteristic of varicose veins.

3. Eucalyptus Oil: The koala’s favorite meal may be providing some medicinal benefits to the snuggly marsupial, but eucalyptus has much more value today in society than just a garnishment in dried flower arrangements. Eucalyptus essential oil is thought to have stimulating effects that may boost circulatory function. It is also one of the top suggested essential oils for varicose veins because of its purported anti inflammatory effects.

4. Varicose Veins Oil Blend: There are numerous combinations of essential oils for varicose veins that can combine several benefits at one time. One particular essential oil blend uses thirty drops of cypress, lemon, fennel and helichrysum – with only five drops each of the latter two. This combination can be added to half a cup of shea butter, a quarter cup each of coconut oil and jojoba oil and prepared in a balm with a tablespoon of liquid vitamin E for a varicose vein and skin improving attack. All four oils are thought to help promote healthy blood movement and circulation, and some of them are also helpful at reducing inflammation. Though few studies exist to support the use of these oils in combination, testimonials show recurrent successes amongst many users.

5. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint essential oil is one of the most well known oils used today in aromatherapy, and it has retained its popularity throughout history. Known as a stimulant, which may support healthy blood flow, peppermint pulls double duty with supposed anti inflammatory benefits as well.