Best Essential Oils for Sunburn – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Sunburn

There is no mystery about precisely what sunburn is. When someone stays out in the sun too long and does not take precautions to cover their exposed skin, the sun can cause both immediate temporary and permanent damage depending on many factors. How long someone is out in the sun, their skin type, the amount of skin exposed, how much sun exposure they had previously, medications, health conditions and much more all factor in to how much the sun can affect the dermis and how intense sunburn may be. Redness and pain are the most common symptoms of sunburn but blisters and swelling may be present in more extreme cases. Some people even develop symptoms reminiscent of the flu in the event of sunburn, including headaches, chills, weakness, fevers and more. Secondary symptoms of sunburn include itching and peeling, as the damaged layers of skin peel away. This entire process is very traumatic to the skin and its one reason why natural products such as essential oils for sunburn relief are becoming so popular.

There are many over the counter remedies that are designed to help relieve some of the discomfort related to sunburn. Many of them contain numbing agents that are specifically designed to relieve pain. Unfortunately, most of them provide little to no additional benefit and do not last that long. Conversely, essential oils for sunburn can have longer lasting effects, provide more than one source of relief and actually possibly help to improve the condition of the skin and help promote healthier and faster healing of the damaged areas.

Supporters of natural treatments alternatives including the use of essential oils for sunburn are likely drawing upon hundreds of years of historical essential oils uses. Specific properties related to the chemical compounds found in the plant oils may be what are providing sunburn relief. Some oils, for instance, may help to relieve pain. Others may offer a cooling or soothing effect. In terms of healing, some essential oils for sunburn may be beneficial because they promote healthier and faster cell rejuvenation, possibly hastening the process of the damaged cells being replaced by new ones.

Most of the theories surrounding essential oils for sunburn are little more than old wives’ tales. However, some research has proven that past believed benefits of plant oils were at least partially founded in fact. In the meantime, it is important to remember that these oils are very potent, and that when applied to the skin, may cause irritation. Testing on the skin, using a carrier oil when applicable and consulting with a healthcare provider before using any of the five best essential oils for sunburn is imperative for safe and responsible use.

1. Helichrysum Oil: This expensive oil may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the regularly sun exposed, it can be a quite valuable investment. Its biggest benefit to those suffering from sunburn is an ability to help relieve some pain, but additional benefits including relieving inflammation and skin improving benefits that have been demonstrated in studies cannot be overlooked. Overall, helichrysum essential oil may be one of the best essential oils for sunburn, especially for immediate relief despite its high cost. Direct neat application is generally well tolerated, although those with sensitive skin should elect dilution in a carrier oil.

2. Rose Oil: It is not just for lovers; rose essential oil is actually one of the oldest essential oils on record and has been associated with healthy skin for nearly as long. Even though many of the benefits of rose relate to uplifting mood, it is thought to help reduce inflammation and boasts astringent properties. When swelling is a side effect of intense sunburn, rose may be ideal. However, it is also pricey and a carrier oil may be required for safe neat application.

3. Lavender Oil: This particular oil is absolutely perfect for people with sensitive skin who are not able to use some of the other essential oils for sunburn. It is typically well tolerated when directly applied to the skin neat, even for those who normally are overly sensitive. But, just because lavender is one of the gentlest essentials does not mean it is not effective. It has been heavily studied, and although most of the oil’s effects are attributed to stress relief, it is actually believed to be a quite powerful pain reliever, germ killer and disinfectant. There is also something to be said about lavender essential oil calming the nerves from the stress of over exposure as well.

4. Frankincense Oil: Many people find that neat application of frankincense essential oil is the best way to take advantage of its numerous skin benefits, a use that the oil has been known for historically for hundreds of years. One of the most interesting things about it and what makes it one of the best essential oils for sunburn is that it may not only be beneficial immediately following exposure to provide relief, but also help remedy longer term effects related to recurrent sunburn, too. After a burn, the pain and inflammation relieving properties as well as those associated with skin cell protection are likely very useful. Long term effects from sun damage like increased wrinkles, may also benefit from massages with the oil neat.

5. Roman Chamomile Oil: When most people hear the word “chamomile,” the immediately think of the tea that helps people fall asleep. No doubt, sedative qualities are what the plant is known for, but that is certainly not its only benefit. The roman chamomile essential oil may help relieve swelling related to sunburn because of its natural anti inflammatory properties, and since neat application is the most logical with essential oils for sunburn, choosing soothing oils like roman chamomile are ideal because they are generally well tolerated (although a skin test should be performed and a carrier oil used if appropriate).