Best Essential Oils for Stress – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Stress

For many people, stress is a mental response to stimuli. This is accepted by some, but the actual definition of stress is quite broad. So broad, in fact that the medical community tends to prefer not to define it. Stress can and does affect both the mind and the body, and it is responsible for medical conditions, depression in some people and even suicides. Controlling stress can be a major challenge. Everything from family to work the environment and more can actually contribute to stress. Treating it therefore becomes an even bigger challenge, and one of the most common ways to treat symptoms related to regular stress is medications such as sedatives. While they may be effective, not everyone is keen on the idea of using medications every day. And, most medications do have side effects that need to be considered. As a result, some seek out essential oils for stress relief to help provide natural relief that is appropriate for everyday use.

Aromatherapy can be a great way to reduce stress, and it remains one of the most popular natural remedies for it today. What is perhaps the best thing about using essential oils for stress reduction via aromatherapy is that, unlike most drugs, inhaling the aromas of essential oils does have an impact on the brain, but not in a negative, numbing or dulling way. In fact, while many essential oils can provide relaxing and calming effects, many also can bring about feelings of rejuvenation, restoration and healthy energy, too. Not all individuals prefer sedation as a part of stress reduction therapy. For these individuals, using essential oils for stress reduction via aromatherapy may be ideal because stress may be removed and replaced instead with positive and healthy energy.

Herein lies one of the most popular of all essential oils uses, promoting general well being. Today, there has been an increase in the number of people using aromatherapy in massage, yoga, meditation and other alternative therapy types. However, historical roots trace back essential oils uses in aromatherapy to Europe, after centuries of medicinal use dating back to Ancient Egypt. Even then, before the era of modern medicine, stress was identified as a serious health concern. And then, as they are today, essential oils for stress reduction were used to stave off physical and mental health problems occurring as a result of too much stress, including the top five found below.

1. German Chamomile Oil: It is commonly known that the chamomile family includes many calming properties, but German chamomile in particular may be especially useful in stabilizing emotions. This is important because when feelings of anger for instance are present, they can cause a significant elevation in stress levels. Its rich scent makes it one of the best essential oils for stress in aromatherapy, however chamomile essential oil can be skin irritant and is not appropriate for pregnant women.

2. Frankincense Oil: This ancient essential oil is best known for its health applications because it is thought to penetrate the blood brain-barrier because it contains chemical compounds known as sesquiterpenes. These chemicals may be associated with sending boatload of oxygen to the brain that might provide limbic stimulation. This theory may be evidenced by one recent study which found frankincense essential oil was able to reduce depressive feelings and anxiety.

3. Jasmine Oil: Known as a natural uplifter, jasmine’s sweet scent may be enough to help reduce stress in some individuals. But, it is not just the aroma that makes jasmine essential oil valuable among essential oils for stress relief. In addition to purportedly bringing about feelings of well being, it has also been attributed to reducing sleeplessness and headaches, both potential side effects of stress.

4. Orange Oil: Though the full scope of benefits related to orange essential oil are yet to be understood, one study found that users of the oil took fewer doses of antidepressant medication. It is believed this occurred because chemical compounds in the oil helped restore immunity and endocrine health, providing a healthy hormone balance, which can be useful in times of high stress.

5. Valerian Oil: One of the biggest impacts stress can have is on the amount of sleep gotten each night, and this is especially problematic because not getting enough sleep can make the impact of stress substantially worse. Therefore, it is important not to overlook natural symptom relievers like valerian essential oil among essential oils for stress. Though the slightly unpleasant smelling oil is not noted for stress relief, it can have a big impact on symptoms that are related to stress.