Best Essential Oils for Stomach Pain – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Stomach Pain

My stomach hurts.” This is a phrase uttered at least once by almost every person on the planet during their school years, and then time and time again throughout adulthood. The reason why is simple; there are dozens of things that can make a tummy ache and it is not always easy to identify what the cause is. In fact, overeating, diarrhea or constipation, food poisoning, menstrual cramps, gallstones and kidney stones, Crohn’s disease, stomach viruses, gas, lactose intolerance, food allergies, hernias, pelvic inflammatory disease and even more can cause the stomach area to hurt. With this laundry list of potential causes, it is not surprising that treating a tummy ache can be a challenge, because what’s responsible for it is often unclear. Over the counter remedies may be appropriate for indigestion and heartburn for instance, but not effective for constipation. Therefore unless an emergency, most tummy troubles are simply left to run their course, because treatment options tend to be nonspecific. Interestingly enough, this nonspecific tendency is actually what makes some natural treatment options including the use of essential oils for stomach pain potentially ideal.

Essential oils have been designated specific purposes in medicinal use, but a great majority of the time, essential oils uses have been generalized to a certain area of the body, physiological process or set of symptoms. For instance, some essential oils applications may include stress relief, mental clarity, focus and memory enhancement, instead of one single individual use, such as memory enhancement alone. This is how many essential oils uses relate to the digestive tract. Instead of being useful for one specific system – such as constipation – essential oils for stomach pain may provide multiple benefits to a healthy stomach, esophagus, colon and so forth, thereby benefiting the entire system as a whole. Using essential oils for stomach pain may be ideal in some individuals because just as the symptoms may be vague, so may the cause, allowing for natural treatment on multiple fronts instead of targeting one specific potential source.

There are some things to remember before using essential oils for stomach pain, however. Most of the time, stomach pain is not serious and will either go away on its own in time or go away a little sooner with treatment or rest. But, if bloody vomit, bloody stool or breathing problems present, prompt medical attention is required. Additionally, fever, urinary pain, pain lasting longer than several days, a tender abdomen, injury or an inability to pass stool present, a medical evaluation should be performed. Specifically with regards the use of essential oils for stomach pain, it is important to understand that natural oils derived from plants contain powerful chemical compounds and not all are safe for ingestion or topical application and some can be toxic, poisonous or irritating. As a result, a healthcare provider should be consulted before use of any essential oils, including the best five for tummy troubles as found below.

1. Peppermint Oil: Out of all essential oils for stomach pain, peppermint essential oil is thought to be one of the most diverse, widely used for just about any digestion related symptoms. It boasts a purported calming ability which is thought to be directly linked to reducing discomfort.

2. Ginger Oil: Known almost exclusively for its ability to relieve nausea, ginger essential oil actually has far more benefit than just settling a sour stomach. It is also said to be useful in aiding digestion, relieving gas and reducing bloating, too.

3. Clove Oil: Clove’s primary medicinal uses were centered on pain, and therefore it should come as no surprise that it is indicated for relieving digestive related discomfort. Clove essential oil is also thought to be an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agent, meaning it just might be one of the best essential oils for stomach pain thanks to its supposed benefits for stomach pain causes and symptoms.

4. Cardamom Oil: In lad rat studies, the pain relieving benefits of cardamom essential oil for digestive systems was evidenced, along with antispasmodic properties, possibly validating the oil’s long held medicinal uses in Eastern parts of the world.

5. Cumin Oil: One of the best proven natural treatments for symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome may also be practical for use for everyday causes of stomach pain. Cumin essential oil in studies helped relieve symptoms like abdominal pain, nausea, constipation and diarrhea, making it a beneficial bowel buddy in more ways than one.