Best Essential Oils for Spleen – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Spleen

The spleen is an unusual organ. Most people have heard of it, and are generally aware of where in the body it can be found – but, unfortunately, that is the extent of most people’s familiarization with the spleen, which is actually a purplish abdominal organ found near the stomach, that plays an important part in immunity due to its role as a blood filter and bacteria fighter. Unusually enough, some people actually have two spleens, sporting an additional, smaller spleen near the larger functioning one. This tiny anomaly is completely normal, and is referred to as an “accessory spleen.” A spleen can become enlarged due to conditions like liver disease and mononucleosis; it can rupture due to injury, or experience damage from conditions like sickle cell. But, it is the day to day immune system function that makes considering natural therapies like essential oils for spleen health worthwhile, because of how important the organ is.

Historically, individual organ support has always been one of the most common essential oils uses. There were certain oils that were thought to mostly aid the heart and others with specific benefits to the lungs. The spleen is no different, and it is believed that some essential oils uses may include supporting a healthy spleen, which is pretty valuable considering all that the small and often ignored abdominal organ is responsible for.

In addition to helping recycle old red blood cells and storing white blood cells and platelets, the spleen can help to prevent illness from dangerous bacteria. The spleen is particularly adept at fighting off the source bacteria that causes illnesses like meningitis and pneumonia that can be very serious and even fatal in some individuals. Considering how valuable the organ is, it is perhaps no surprise that many in the alternative healing community have determined that there are several essential oils for spleen health that may help support a healthy immune system. Though little research has been done to determine just how essential oils for spleen health may impact overall health, some people believe that a sluggish spleen can lead to fatigue, which essential oils may also help counteract.

Before considering any alternative or natural therapies, it is important to discuss them with a professional herbalist or health care provider. Most essential oils are appropriate for aromatherapy, but some are unsafe and even poisonous if ingested and can be irritating if applied neat directly to the skin without a carrier oil. For these reasons, getting appropriate advice before using essential oils for spleen health such as the five found below is imperative.

1. Lemon Oil: Using this citrus scented oil five drops at a time with a carrier oil like almond in a lymphatic massage is thought to help not only improve the draining efforts of the lymph system, but also take advantage of one of the best essential oils for spleen function, too. lemon essential oil may help boost blood flow, improving the organ’s filtration rate. This unproven claim relies on anecdotal claims of lemon oil’s circulatory benefits, as well as other ancient medicinal uses.

2. Geranium Oil: There is a large group of individuals who believe that the spleen is responsible for carrying or holding onto anxiety and worry, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which first mentioned this association. Clearly at this stage in modern medicine, it has been easily determined that no spleen has ever been sliced open and a whole lot of worry fallen out. But, this does open the door for some potentially useful essential oils for spleen health in terms of anxiety. Geranium essential oil may be useful in toning the spleen, according to some herbalists; and, it is also thought to help keep blood moving swiftly. However, it is the anxiety related actions of geranium that give it a more profound affiliation with the spleen.

3. Atlas Cedarwood Oil: Though there is little evidence available to support its use, it has been suggested that atlas cedarwood essential oil may have positive effects on the spleen. More research will be needed in order to validate these claims, however.

4. Grapefruit Oil: Circling back to the theory that worry resides in the over encumbered spleen, grapefruit essential oil is a fairly popular oil in aromatherapy for this purpose. The uplifting scent of grapefruit can in fact promote relaxation in many people, so for believers in the organ’s emotion storing abilities, grapefruit may be one of the best essential oils for spleen health.

5. Fennel Oil: Referred to by many in the organic and natural healing community as a “splenic”, fennel’s once limited culinary use has expanded widely to take advantage of the numerous health benefits potentially derived from the seeds’ potent oil. Fennel essential oil’s purported blood purifying applications are likely what make it one of the best essential oils for spleen health, but stimulating and antiseptic properties are likely relevant, too.