Best Essential Oils for Pneumonia – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a term that refers to an infection of either one of both lungs. Sometimes, it’s relatively mild, and sometimes it’s quite serious. This can depend on many factors including overall health, age and other health conditions. Pneumonia normally lasts around two or three weeks, and mild cases may be treated at home while other moderate to severe cases may require medical care or hospitalization. Symptoms related to pneumonia include a cough that generally produces mucus originating from the lungs that may be blood tinged shortness of breath, chills, fever, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and more. Symptoms related to pneumonia are almost always the same, although their severity will change substantially depending on the severity of the condition. Because home care is often an important part of managing the condition, some natural remedies such as using essential oils for pneumonia are becoming quite popular. However, it’s important to remember that although potent plant oils are purported to have numerous healing benefits, serious conditions that require medical care should not be exclusively treated with alternative medicine nor should medical advice be avoided or ignored.

It’s not just thing making using essential oils for pneumonia increasingly popular. On the one hand, recent studies have found that certain plant oils can be effective against certain bacteria that may cause pneumonia. This is big news, because when pneumonia is caused by bacteria instead of viruses, it tends to be more severe and sometimes even last longer. Additionally, using essential oils for pneumonia may be beneficial in another way, in terms of treating some of the symptoms related to the condition and possibly reducing their severity or recurrence.

Therein lays potentially the most important reasons why it’s possible that essential oils uses have endured so solidly throughout history. Not only do they have properties that can help heal the body and fight off foreign invaders, but they’re also known for various types of symptom relief. As a result, it’s been suggested that unlike many medications, essential oils for pneumonia may be able to target the viral or bacterial source of the illness and reduce some of its most bothersome symptoms as well, although much more study will be needed to confirm these claims. In the meantime, several oils are most commonly found at the top of herbalists’ lists of favorites for the serious lung disease, including the five found below.

1. Oregano Oil: Antibacterial and antibiotic properties are what likely contributed to oregano’s effects against pneumonia causing bacteria in studies, but that’s not the only reason it may be one of the best essential oils for pneumonia. It’s also hugely popular for respiratory ailments because it’s purported to effectively quiet a persistent cough. It can irritate the skin and is only considered appropriate for ingestion in some instances, for short periods of time and only when therapeutic grade products are used and combined with professional advice. Oregano oil is popular in diffusion for respiratory trouble as well, but must be dilute for other applications.

2. Clove Oil: The toothaches worst natural enemy also kicked some bacteria butt in studies, but it’s antibiotic benefits are just one reason clove may be one of the most effective essential oils for pneumonia. It’s also associated with anti inflammatory benefits and pain relief, too. Dilution with a carrier oil and external massage of the affected area is a popular use for the oil in this application, but diffusion is also popular and can help boot microbes from the air as well.

3. Thyme Oil: Associated more with cooking than medicine, thyme is actually one of the most potent germ killers in nature, according to some; and boasts antibacterial properties that were shown to be active against some of the pathogens responsible for pneumonia. Diffusion is the most popular way to use thyme, but combined with honey or juice it’s also thought to be a useful gargle. Thyme may provide less symptom relief than other essential oils for pneumonia, but it also is one of the more effective selections in terms of targeting the illness’ source.

4. Cinnamon Oil: It’s probably no surprise at this point that like the other picks for best essential oil for pneumonia on our list of five, cinnamon also has been shown effective against viruses and bacteria, including those that can cause pneumonia. But, it’s the oil’s association with the cold and flu season in general that make it excellent in this regard and it’s stimulating effects are best enjoyed diffused in a bath or ingested a single drop mixed with a full glass of water at a time, if therapeutic grade oils are used.

5. Sandalwood Oil: Known for its calming ability, sandalwood is widely used in the natural healing community for throat problems and congestion. It’s thought to be an antibacterial, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant naturally, meaning that it may just be one of the best essential oils for pneumonia, based on these purported properties. It’s generally regarded as safe for internal consumption with proper advice and the use of quality, therapeutic grade oils, but is also quite popular added to a carrier oil and added to certain vitaflex points on the bottom of the feet.