Best Essential Oils for Pancreas – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Pancreas

The pancreas a rather important glandular organ that most people don’t give much thought to. While much emphasis gets placed on heart health and other organs found throughout the body, this important part that resides just behind the stomach gets overlooked. The pancreas is incredibly important, serving dual roles in both endocrine health and digestion, making taking care of it and maintaining good overall health to ensure its healthy function important. In fact, the pancreas is where insulin is produced, along with other important hormones, and without the digestive enzymes found in the pancreatic juice it secretes, digestion would be an incredibly challenging process. But, unlike using moisturizers on the skin or getting in some cardio to help keep the heart functioning at peak performance, caring for the pancreas is not as easy and maintaining good physical health is the best method. This includes eating right and ensuring good amounts of exercise. Though unproven, it’s thought that using essential oils for pancreas health may also provide some benefits to the glandular organ as well.

Long have essential oils uses included providing support for various parts and processes found in the body. These anecdotal practices covered everything from using oils to keep the lungs healthy to applying them externally to help reduce pain. Before the era of modern medicine, natural remedies were important tools in healthcare, and some believe their applications are still important today. Though there are numerous purported essential oils for pancreas health, it is important to understand that their use remains unapproved by governing bodies and that there is little research into their effectiveness and safety. Not all oils are safe for ingestion even when therapeutic grade oils are used and diluted, and some may cause skin irritation especially if not used properly such as with a carrier oil. For these reasons a professional should be consulted before considering essential oils for pancreas health, including the five found below that are amongst the most popular for use in maintaining a healthy insulin-producing, digestion aiding pancreas.

1. Basil / Cypress / Vetiver Oil Blend: Several purveyors of therapeutic grade oils make blends of essential oils that are thought to help support healthy pancreatic function. Time and time again, the same three oils appear in these blends – basil oil, cypress oil and vetiver oil. On their own, each just may hold benefits to help keep the hormone producing glandular organ performing at top notch, but when the three essential oils for pancreas health are combined, the results could be enhanced.

2. Coriander Oil: Most people associate coriander with cooking, but the oil produced by parts of the plant is being studied for the effects that it has on the pancreas. Conclusive evidence from these studies will be needed to understand just how coriander helps support pancreatic function, but it may have a place outside the kitchen and amongst some of the best essential oils for pancreas support.

3. Frankincense Oil: This ancient essential oil is quite unique in our top five list because unlike some of the other listed essential oils for pancreas health, frankincense has been studied in pancreatic cancer, with some very exciting results. When combined with another agent, early tests showed the oil may contribute to the death of pancreatic cancer cells making it a very important oil for the glandular organ indeed.

4. Fenugreek Oil: Another almost exclusively culinarily acknowledged plant; fenugreek has been studied more and more recently for it’s potentially numerous health benefits. The pancreas is very intimately related to diabetes, as it’s where insulin is produced. Fenugreek oil has been studied in this application and in lab rat tests has been shown to inhibit some enzyme production in the pancreas. Further testing will be needed however to better understand these results, but for people with diabetes, fenugreek may be one of the most important essential oils for pancreas health.

5. Citrus Based Oils: These are perhaps lesser-known alternative remedies; nevertheless these are very popular amongst people who have diabetes because of their ability to promote both healthy vision and circulation – both of which can be impacted in persons with the condition. However, it’s the fact that many citrus oils like mandarin, tangerine, orange and grapefruit may be one of the best essential oils for pancreas health by supposedly providing support and promoting regular healthy function that make it even more popular with diabetics.