Best Essential Oils for Ovarian Cancer – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer refers to cancer that starts in the ovaries, meaning that the disease is specific to women only. The ovaries are important and complex glands that are responsible for hormone production and egg creation. Because there are three different kinds of cells found in the ovary, it is not hard to understand that three different types of tumors can therefore result. Epithelial tumors are by far and away the most common, accounting for as much as 90% of all ovarian cancers in comparison to germ cell and stromal tumors, which are very uncommon.

Like many types of cancer, treatment is quite dependent upon what stage the disease process is at and whether or not it has begun to affect other parts of the body. Ovarian cancer can be quite treatable if found early, and most of the time this includes removing the pair of ovaries, both fallopian tubes, any lymph nodes in the area, the uterus and a portion of abdominal fat prone to spreading cancer. This type of treatment is often followed with chemotherapy, which ensures that any cancer cells that might remain are destroyed. Essential oils for ovarian cancer are another type of potential alternative treatment that might be beneficial to the disease process itself, symptom reduction and helping reduce the effects of harsh treatments like chemotherapy.

It is important to understand that while some exciting new evidence may suggest multiple uses for essential oils for cancer care, there is still almost no evidence to support and validate these early claims. Like many other alternative or natural types of treatment, successes and failures exist solely in historical and anecdotal use alone, and little documentation on adverse effects or potential side effects exist. There are numerous essential oils uses that have been documented for hundreds if not thousands of years, and many compounds found in the oils of various plants may help combat disease, illness, symptoms and more. However, before considering essential oils for ovarian cancer whether they are for the condition itself, its symptoms or side effects from treatment, a physician should be consulted before hand and the risks and benefits researched and explored, such as those associated with the top five oils as found below.

1. Peppermint Oil: Most essential oils contain compounds called terpenes. There are three different kinds of terpenes, and various oils can contain one, two or even all three kinds. Peppermint essential oil contains a terpene belonging to a class called monoterpenes that are thought by some in the alternative healing community to be able to repair DNA that has been damaged by reprogramming it.

2. Myrrh Oil: Peppermint is one of the most promising essential oils for ovarian cancer because it may contain chemical compounds that can rewrite DNA messages. But, another type of terpene found in myrrh may erase the information entirely, or at least the parts of the DNA message that is incorrect or damaged. These chemical compounds found in myrrh essential oil are called sesquiterpenes, and since cancer can be characterized as the proliferation of cells with damaged DNA, this relationship may be quite promising.

3. Frankincense Oil: One of the most remarkable announcements in recent years regarding essential oils for ovarian cancer is surely that made about frankincense, which noted the oil’s possible cancer killing properties specifically with regards ovarian cancer. Not only is this information incredibly exciting, the study went on to indicate the use of frankincense essential oil in killing cancer cells even in later stages.

4. Lavender Oil: It has been suggested that of all aromatherapy essential oils, lavender may have the most profound effects because it is thought to help reduce anxiety and stress as well as help ease tense muscles. Insomnia, which is not uncommon in persons being treated for cancer, may also be reduced with lavender essential oil. These combined therapeutic effects make lavender important among essential oils for ovarian cancer because it may help to improve overall quality of life.

5. Thyme Oil: Thyme is almost always associated with cooking, and it is certainly a useful edible that benefits numerous dishes. However, it is also one of the most important and powerful medicinal herbs in history, long associated with natural healing. Thyme essential oil has recently been evaluated for its cancer fighting abilities with some surprising preliminary results. The plant’s oils contain lots of thymol, which is a chemical compound known as a biocide. Biocides are thought by some to help destroy organisms found in the body that are harmful. This relationship explains the new notion that essential oils for ovarian cancer may include thyme, though much more study and research will be needed to prove these early theories.