Best Essential Oils for Neck Pain – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Neck Pain

Neck pain is a symptom, and its most commonly associated with injury to the neck or back area. This is common in the case of degenerative injuries like those affecting the discs in the back, or acute injuries like whiplash from a car accident. Viruses and illness can also lead to neck pain such as that associated with swollen lymph nodes. Since neck pain is a symptom of an injury or condition and not a condition itself, relieving pain, stiffness and discomfort are often the only available courses of action, although it’s imperative that before generalized pain relief begins, the underlying cause of neck pain be found, evaluated and treated if applicable. Typically, immobilization, rest, hydration, ice, heat and over the counter medications are common methods of treatment, but there are also many natural options as well. One in particular that is becoming more popular is the use of essential oils for neck pain.

These complex and potent plant oils have been used for hundreds of years in various medicinal applications. This is largely in part because of the numerous properties that the oils bear. Some may be able to help reduce the presence of bacteria, viruses or fungi. Others may help reduce inflammation or provide pain relief. Essential oils uses have also long included benefits to muscles in the form of reducing the recurrence of spasms as well as relaxing tense muscles, for further relief.

Given the multiple benefits associated with essential oils for neck pain, it’s easy to see how regardless of what is causing the actual discomfort in the neck, there is likely an oil or two that may be useful or potentially effective at providing pain relief. But, it is important to remember that some very serious injuries and illnesses can contribute to pain in the neck area, and so it’s imperative that if pain is intense, sudden, gradually worsening or persistent that a medical provider be contacted right away. Additionally, safe use of essential oils for neck pain is important. While some oils used in aromatherapy may be able to relieve stress and even help calm tense muscles, most essential oils for neck pain are used topically. Almost all plant oils require the use of a carrier oil before becoming safe to apply to the skin, and very few are appropriate to apply “neat.” Therefore, consulting a healthcare provider and alternative healing professional is important before using any of the five essential oils for neck pain found below.

1. Lavender Oil: Lavender is a very popular essential oil but it unfortunately has been saddled with a one-note reputation. Yes, in studies, lavender shows relaxant properties time and time again, and is often the first oil people think of to relieve stress. But, lavender essential oil is also possibly one of the best essential oils for neck pain; and, in one study, participants receiving lavender oil acupressure has less neck pain immediately following treatment and as long as one month afterwards.

2. Basil Oil: The purported ability to subdue muscle spasms is what makes basil, a popular kitchen spice, such a good tool for certain causes of neck pain. Basil essential oil is also thought to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, explaining its gaining momentum in alternative healing.

3. Cypress Oil: Cypress essential oil may target two separate sources of neck pain. It’s supposedly effective at reducing muscle spasms, like many other plant oils. But, it’s unique in that it also may help ramp up the flow of the lymphatic system, potentially useful if swollen lymph nodes are a source of discomfort.

4. Marjoram Oil: One caveat to using this potential powerhouse among essential oils for neck pain is that some believe that it may reduce sex drive. That being said, marjoram essential oil is thought to enhance circulation and reduce muscle spasms, both traits likely beneficial for various neck pain sources.

5. Peppermint Oil: Sure peppermint essential oil is a stimulating and sweet scented oil, popular among many for no other reasons than a delightful scent. But, with muscle spasm reducing and inflammation and pain decreasing capabilities, the mega mint may prove with more research to be invaluable for neck pain sufferers.