Best Essential Oils for Muscle Pain – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Muscle Pain

Myalgia, the medical term for muscle pain, occurs in just about everybody at some point during their lives, and fairly commonly for many people. The muscles in the body are used constantly, and even small movements can require multiple muscles to be working at the same time. Muscle pain in the neck, back, legs, and arms is amongst the most common, but it can actually occur anywhere, even in the hands. Typically, injury, overuse, disease or illness and tension cause muscle pain; although in the absence of acute injury, the underlying cause of discomfort may not be identifiable. Many instances of muscle pain do not warrant medical attention (although any that is long lasting, extremely painful or sudden should prompt immediate medical care) and are treated exclusively at home. Rest, icing the area, heat on the area, over the counter pain relievers and a gradual return to physical activity are most commonly indicated in the treatment of myalgia; however some are turning to natural treatment options instead of medicinal analgesics, including using essential oils for muscle pain.

Part of the reason why natural treatment options for recurring mild pain are becoming more and more popular is that, while generally regarded as safe, long term use of over the counter pain relievers can lead to physiological damage and unwanted effects, especially products known as NSAIDs, which are commonly used to treat muscle related discomfort. Though the long term effects of using essential oils for muscle pain have not been fully studied, evidence exists that suggests long term NSAID use may prevent muscles from being able to repair themselves in time. And, people with certain health conditions may not be able to use many over the counter pain relievers, especially those with kidney and liver damage. Natural treatment options like home care and using essential oils for muscle pain may provide a comprehensive care regimen that excludes medications and still provides discomfort relief.

Historically, essential oils uses have included relieving pain and reducing the recurrence of muscle spasms. There are numerous oils associated with these uses, however careful use is important. Carrier oils should be used for topical application, and no oils should be ingested without consulting a medical professional. Some can be poisonous or toxic. In terms of aromatherapy and safe external application, using essential oils for muscle pain can provide natural pain relief with potentially less risk of adverse effects than regular medication use, and the best five to try can be found below!

1. Clary Sage Oil: This natural soother is especially ideal for calming muscles and reducing inflammation as well, although it’s not appropriate in large quantities or for long periods of time. Clary sage is ideal for short term use of acute muscle pain, especially that related to an injury.

2. Thyme Oil: One fascinating new study found that in terms of menstrual cramps, thyme was more effective than ibuprofen at relieving pain. This is amazingly exciting news; because few studies exist that compare the pain relieving benefits of natural remedies to over the counter medications. Though thyme might be one of the best essential oils for muscle pain, it’s incredibly potent, and careful use is imperative.

3. Yarrow Oil: Pain relief is only one benefit associated with yarrow, and while more study will be needed to better understand the oil’s long hailed analgesic properties, it’s purported anti inflammatory benefits further the essential oil’s use in muscle related pain.

4. Helichrysum Oil: There are no discount varieties of this high end oil, and a pretty penny will be spent procuring it. But, it is most likely one of the most effective essential oils for muscle pain available because it is thought to help relieve numerous sources of discomfort. It’s considered a natural general pain reliever, natural muscle spasm reducer and natural anti inflammatory agent, making it easy to see why this pricey plant oil is heavily preferred by many in the natural healing community.

5. Vetiver Oil: This unusual smelling oil may not be the first choice in aromatherapy picks; however its deep embedded roots in Ayurvedic medicine make it popular in bath time soaks or massages and perhaps one of the more overlooked essential oils for muscle pain. It’s best implicated in generalized pain relief, including that related to various arthritic conditions. However, it’s use in headaches and muscle pain is also found in folkloric medicinal applications.