Best Essential Oils for Multiple Sclerosis – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Multiple Sclerosis

The cause of multiple sclerosis (commonly referred to as MS) remains unknown, although new evidence is starting to suggest that some environmental factors may play a role. The disease most often affects women, more so than men, and is more common in middle aged individuals. The disease is characterized by an attack on the central nervous system by the immune system, in a process that is still not fully understood. The resulting currently irreversible nerve damage leads to a wide range of symptoms with the long term consequences becoming severe for some individuals, who may even lose the ability to walk. Though some people experience remission periods where few symptoms are evident, some of the most common general symptoms related to MS include dizziness, fatigue, problems with the bladder and bowels, tingling and pain, tremor, speech problems, numbness and weakness and vision problems. Unfortunately, there are few treatment options available with corticosteroids excepted, and this leads many to natural, lifestyle and alternative methods for symptom relief, including the use of essential oils for multiple sclerosis.

For many disease, taking care of one’s body at home can have a major impact on symptoms, disease progression and medical treatment successes. In terms of people suffering from MS, getting plenty of rest and reducing stress are considered some of the most important lifestyle factors to improve for symptom reduction. These two applications are some of the oldest known essential oils uses, and are some of the most abundantly known today. Using aromatherapy for stress relief and to bring about peaceful sleep is still popular today in the holistic healing community. However, there are other ways that essential oils for multiple sclerosis can be beneficial, as evidenced in our top five picks found below.

Before using any natural or alternative remedy however, it is important to discuss doing so with a doctor first. This is especially true when considering using essential oils for multiple sclerosis, because some of them may actually stimulate the immune system, which can have negative effects in persons with the condition. Also, not all oils are safe for ingestion and some may be toxic, and this along with the potential for skin irritation in cases of “neat” application should also be discussed with a healthcare provider. With that being said, using essential oils for multiple sclerosis may have a significant impact on wellbeing and some symptoms related to the condition, and with more research and trials, the full scope of benefits to the often lifelong ailment may be discovered.

1. Rosemary Oil: This particular oil is popular in some treatment centers for persons suffering from MS in terms of its use in therapeutic massage. The benefits as they relate to the disease are purportedly due to the rosemary essential oil’s natural benefits to improve circulation which in turn may help alleviate symptoms like numbness and tingling sensations.

2. Frankincense Oil: This ancient oil has made exciting news recently because it has been suggested that frankincense essential oil may have the ability to be one of few compounds that can actually pass through the blood brain barrier. It is the sesquiterpenes found in the oil that supposedly make this possible, and a wide range of neurological benefits may be obtained as a result. This theory supports the notion that frankincense may be one of the best essential oils for multiple sclerosis, and it is popularly used diluted and taken internally, though it is important to consult a professional before doing so.

3. Lavender Oil: Studies have confirmed that aromatherapy can play a role in providing some symptom relief in persons with MS, and few oils are more associated with this use than lavender essential oil. In addition to being able to promote feelings of well being, bring about relaxation and improve sleep quality, lavender is also used in a therapeutic massage setting to help relieve stiff joints, making it likely one of the best essential oils for multiple sclerosis.

4. Basil Oil: Known best for use in sauces, the culinary applications related to basil likely barely scratch the surface of the plant’s medicinal benefits, many of which are contained in its essential oil. Circulation and muscle tone related benefits give it a specific use in persons who have MS, although more study will be needed to fully understand the safety and benefits to people with the disease in using basil essential oil.

5. Helichrysum Oil: Like frankincense, the reason why helichrysum essential oil may be one of the best essential oils for multiple sclerosis relate to its suggested benefits to the neurological system. It is often used a drop or two at a time applied either neat or with a carrier oil to the temples and the back of the neck.