Best Essential Oils for Mosquito Bites – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Mosquito Bites

Almost every human on the planet at some point in their life will be bitten by a mosquito. The females of the common insect species rely on the blood of anything warm blooded in order to obtain the protein they absolutely must have in order to lay eggs. Unfortunately, when they bite people, they leave behind a bump or lump that can be terribly itchy. What’s worse is that there are also numerous illnesses associated with mosquito bites, such as West Nile virus and encephalitis that can have devastating effects on health. For these reasons, property treating a mosquito bite is important, as is taking appropriate steps to prevent them if possible. One way in which some people consider doing both is by using essential oils for mosquito bites.

There are numerous ways in which potent plant oils may be useful in the event of an insect bite. For starters, there are potential repellent properties to consider, and it’s possible that some plant oils may keep mosquitoes from biting in the first place. But, other benefits relate to the basic essential oils uses that have made them an important part of medicine throughout history. Inflammation relief, pain relief, and disinfecting properties are all thought to be included in the numerous health applications related to plant oils, and they’re all likely equally valuable in the case of a mosquito bite. However, the most basic purpose in using essential oils for mosquito bites generally relates to soothing the irritation and quelling the itch associated with it.

Five of the very best essential oils for mosquito bites follow, and while many of them may be very effective at reducing some of the discomfort associated with a bite, the very best way to treat bites and reduce the risk of diseases related to them is to prevent them altogether. Using essential oils for mosquito bites might be helpful in this way too, although much of the information relating to their use in this regard remains anecdotal and relies on historical references in folkloric medicine. Despite this, many people rely on essential oils for mosquito bites today, and given some of the chemicals found in commercially available products for bite treatment and prevention, this may be no surprise to many people. However, it’s important to remember that some essential oils may be irritating to the skin if applied neat topically, and that some of them require carrier oils or dilution to be used safely.

1. Basil: It may seem strange to associate a culinary herb with healing the after effects of a bug bite, but there are two very good reasons that basil is one of the best. It contains two important chemical compounds that may help stop itching fast – thymol and camphor – both of which may help subdue bothersome itch (and possibly help relieve pain, too!) Most people tolerate basil well, but a skin test before neat application is always a good idea.

2. Lemon: Many citrus oils are thought to help relieve itching, and lemon may take things to another level in terms of its use amongst essential oils for mosquito bites. In addition to being believed to have itch relieving properties, lemon has also long demonstrated disinfectant properties in studies, meaning that it can help keep small bites clean and free from infection. Though lemon is often used without incident when applied to the skin neat, a skin test is recommended and it’s important to remember that the oil is considered photosensitizing and so immediate sun exposure is not advisable.

3. Chamomile: For most people, mosquito bites can vary quite a bit. Some can be small and only mildly irritating; others can be bigger, more inflamed, angrier, itchier and overall just more bothersome. This is where soothing oils like chamomile are particularly useful, they are thought to use their potent bioflavanoids to soothe and pamper seriously distressed skin. Roman chamomile in particular, when diluted in a carrier, is thought to help relieve inflammation and also kill bacteria and viruses in addition to providing soothing and comforting benefits. For particularly irritating instances, roman and German chamomile may be some of the best essential oils for mosquito bites.

4. Cinnamon: It’s tough to argue that the best way to deal with a bug bite is to avoid getting it in the first place altogether. This is where cinnamon may be the most effective, as it’s been suggested to have mosquito repellent properties. But, just because cinnamon may be one of the best essential oils for mosquito bites because it may help prevent them altogether, that doesn’t mean that it can’t help after a bite has occurred. Cinnamon has long held uses in minor wound care thanks to antiseptic and astringent properties, and many still use it for relief and protection of various bug bites. However, it can be skin irritant, especially if applied neat, and a skin test should be conducted and a carrier oil used for external application.

5. Tea Tree: This particular plant oil has been far more widely recognized thanks to more extensive use in cosmetics and beauty products. Its benefits to the skin are becoming more and more well known, but healing is one that tea tree has been known for a very long time. This may be useful to speed up the healing time of nasty mosquito bites, but the oil is also proven to have antimicrobial properties which can be useful in cases of bug bites.