Best Essential Oils for Lung Cancer – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is divided into two classes, small cell and non small cell. Unlike many other cancers where no underlying cause can be determined, smoking cigarettes absolutely contributes to a greater risk of developing the condition. Unfortunately, lung cancer is often not found or diagnosed until it has progressed to later stages, which dramatically reduces the already slimmer survival rate of persons with the disease. For these reasons, lung cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer related deaths in the world and affects both men and women. The disease is very difficult to treat, with only an average of 50% of sufferers still living after five years even when the disease is found in early stages. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and sometimes surgery are all used in attempting to fight the spread of the cancer. There are few choices in alternative, natural or holistic therapy approaches available, but new research is suggesting that essential oils for lung cancer may be more effective than previously thought.

But, before even remotely considering any type of natural or alternative remedy, there are some important things to remember. First, lung cancer is a very serious illness that requires medical treatment from often a team of specialized physicians. No care that they recommend should be stopped or ignored for alternative methods or treatments, including using essential oils for cancer. Cigarette smoking should be halted immediately if lung cancer is detected and other lifestyle changes like diet and exercise may also be recommended or considered. The role of essential oils for lung cancer may be complementary and coexist alongside certain treatments or procedures, but it is up to a doctor to determine if using them is safe from one individual to the next. Additionally, essential oils uses often include aromatherapy, topical application and internal ingestion of some therapeutic grade products. But, not all oils are safe in all usage methods, and diligent research and advice from a professional are important before ingesting any oils. Five to consider with appropriate consultation with a physician follow, many recently spotlighted for supposedly major medical breakthroughs!

1. Thyme Oil: Thyme has a profound culinary reputation and it lends its sophisticated flavor to a wide range of savory dishes. But, it’s the as much as 54% thymol that is found in thyme that has recently been shown in some small studies to actually kill cancer cells related to ovarian, lung and oral cancers. Thankfully, these early results have prompted the need for and implementation of further study in order to better understand the effects of thyme and other essential oils for lung cancer, and in time new natural treatments may soon be uncovered.

2. Lavender Oil: About a decade ago, a European trial set out to study the effectiveness of aromatherapy in cancer patients. The trial included massages with essential oils, and one group in the study received exclusively lavender essential oil in the messages. The results suggested that less depression and anxiety occurred in the group receiving 2 weekly lavender oil massages and sleeping patterns were improved and insomnia reduced – all effects not observed in the group that did not use oils. Like many other essential oils for lung cancer, much of the benefit of lavender is thought to be related to soothing emotional stress and depression that occur regularly in cancer patients.

3. Orange Oil: Though studies are limited and not exclusive to lung cancer, there was one trial conducted in England that observed an almost 15% rate of remission in advanced types of cancer using a specific compound called d-limonene as is found in orange oil extract. This therapy served as the only type of treatment, making the results which included a purported extension of life by as much as 18 months profoundly telling, which hopefully will prompt more studies using essential oils for lung cancer and other types of the serious condition.

4. Clove Oil: The use of clove in persons with lung cancer is quite specific. It’s supposedly a very powerful natural anti inflammatory and contains a potent chemical called alpha-humulene that may even help prevent some types of cancer from ever forming according to supporters of the theory. Clove has been one of the most well known of all natural remedies throughout history, but it’s potential uses amongst essential oils for lung cancer are only beginning to be explored.

5. Idaho Balsam Fir Oil: Idaho balsam fir shares the same intriguing compound as frankincense essential oil in the form of l-limonene that are purported to help slow the growth of tumors, with quite profound results being observed in certain types of cancers like melanoma. It’s possible that this same mechanism of action may also be beneficial and support the use of Idaho balsam as one of many essential oils for lung cancer, though more research will be needed to fully evaluate these early claims.