Best Essential Oils for Liver Cancer – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is a complex condition that is not necessarily a single type of disease process. Because the liver’s main function is to filter blood, there are actually two different types of liver cancer – those that actually begin in the organ and originate in liver tissue; and, those that affect the liver in a secondary way because it’s constantly circulating possibly affected blood from throughout the body where other cancers can exist. It’s thought that various things can contribute to the formation of liver cancer including abusing alcohol, congenital liver defects, diseases and more, but the condition itself makes up less than 2 percent of all cases of cancer in the United States. What’s perhaps most fascinating about this statistic is also what may account for an uptick in natural treatments for the condition. A very small percentage of Americans will ever develop liver cancer, but in countries where contagious viruses which spread hepatitis are common, up to half of all cases of cancer involve the liver. It may then come as no surprise that essential oils for liver cancer, especially those that target viruses, are getting more attention than they have in past years.

Using essential oils for cancer care and symptom management may seem like a relatively new idea, but throughout history essential oils uses have been profound and served as an important cornerstone of traditional, alternative and folkloric medicine. Today, using essential oils for medicinal purposes is limited to the natural and alternative healing community; however recent trials and studies are garnering more attention from the medical community. In time, it’s possible that evidence to support and prove the use of essential oils for liver cancer and other types of the disease will be announced, but in the meantime there is not enough evidence to suggest that essential oils cure any disease or ailment. Additionally, only certain essential oils are appropriate for ingestion, and some can be downright dangerous. Using these types of oils should be limited to external application or aromatherapy if appropriate. For these reasons, considering the five best essential oils for liver cancer below should begin with a consultation from a physician or other advice to determine the safety of these oils’ powerful compounds.

1. Clove Oil: Clove oil has long been associated with relieving pain, earning it the reputation of being one of the best natural remedies for a toothache. The oil was likely popularized for this use because of its antiseptic and antiviral properties. These antiviral properties are what might make it useful amongst essential oils for liver cancer, but it’s also been observed in some small studies to have anti-tumor properties as well.

2. Wild Orange Oil: A very recent piece of research points to positive effects on liver cancer from various oils found in citrus. Orange oil in particular has been associated with anti-cancer effects in some studies because it contains a chemical compound that may have useful effects on cancer cells. However, this new research relies on the olfactory system instead, suggesting that terpenes trigger various processes of signaling within the olfactory receptors further supporting past notions about terpenes and aromatherapy as well. This new research suggests that evidence to support the use of essential oils for liver cancer may be on the horizon.

3. Lemon Oil: Lemon oil likely has the same effects on liver cancer as those that have been possibly demonstrated with orange oil in early studies. Lemon oil is however also popular in aromatherapy, which may be useful in another type of treatment using essential oils for liver cancer. Reducing anxiety and stress through aromatherapy with lemon oil may help sufferers manage the emotional effects related to a cancer diagnosis and the treatment that follows.

4. Oregano Oil: Oregano is one of many antifungal and antiviral oils whose potential virus combating activity may be what makes it of particular interest for those looking for effective essential oils for liver cancer. However, it’s important to point out that oil of oregano is incredibly potent stuff and requires dilution, education and advice and caution before using.

5. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint remains one of the most popular oils used for aromatherapy, but it’s also thought to be chock full of chemicals called monoterpenes that some theorize may be able to help rewrite cancer damaged DNA. But, peppermint may also be one of the best essential oils for liver cancer for other reasons, because it may promote a reduction in inflammation which can occur in disease related liver cancers and it also may help reduce nausea which is not uncommon as a side effect of cancer treatment.