Best Essential Oils for Leukemia – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Leukemia

Leukemia may be well known, but it’s actually considered a rare cancer. It’s essentially blood cancer, but affects the tissues in the body that make blood such as the lymphatic system and bone marrow. The disease often begins in the body’s white blood cells, which causes those that are manufactured to malfunction. This can be very serious because the white blood cells in the body are important for combating illness and infection. Treating leukemia can be quite challenging and rarely is one course of treatment effective. Often multiple therapies including biological therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy and even stem cell transplants are necessary. Essential oils for leukemia along with other natural or alternative treatments won’t provide a cure, but some research suggests that they may be useful as a complementary or supplemental therapy for both the disease process and its symptoms.

Essential oils have been an important part of medicine for hundreds of years. These super concentrated plant based compounds contain substances that can fight bacteria and viruses, boost immunity and promote healthy energy, according to some in the natural healing community. Aromatherapy, the most abundant of essential oils uses, has been proven in some cases to help bring about relaxation and reduce anxiety, which can be beneficial in persons with or being treated for cancer. It is important to understand however that using essential oils for cancer care or treatment symptom relief should never be done without a discussion with a physician. And, because some essential oils can be poisonous or toxic if ingested or irritating or dangerous if used topically, research and advice from an expert or a doctor is imperative before using therapeutic grade oils. Five supposed essential oils for leukemia follow that suggest that with more research and study, old therapy methods may make a modern resurgence in treating serious disease.

1. Oil Blends with Echinacea: Most people think of Echinacea as an herbal remedy for immunity, but there is so much more to the common plant than meets the eye. Over forty years ago, a study on the plant’s essential oils found that their benefits may have included tumor inhibition, and specifically impacted lymphocytic leukemia. Unfortunately these results are quite dated so much more work will need to be done to determine if Echinacea can truly be considered valuable amongst essential oils for leukemia.

2. Rose Oil: Along with citronella, palmarosa, geranium and more, a monoterpenoid found in rose essential oil called geraniol may have positive effects in persons with leukemia. A very small study found the substance effective at inhibiting the growth of certain cells as well as the differentiation of those where cancer was present. Monoterpenes are one of three classes of compounds found in numerous purported essential oils for leukemia and other cancers, but this study is one of few to isolate this specific compound.

3. Lemon Oil: Lemon is one of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy which may be useful in reducing stress and anxiety which can both be in great supply during a battle with cancer. But, like many other essential oils for leukemia, there may be more use for lemon than just a pleasant and calming scent. Lemon also contains small quantities of geraniol, which may be found in higher quality therapeutic grade oils.

4. Ginger Oil: Not all essential oils for leukemia are related to the actual disease process of the cancer. Some, like ginger, are better suited to symptom management as well as symptoms related to the often harsh treatments associated with the condition. Ginger is well known as a digestive aid, and when used in aromatherapy, typical effects such as nausea reduction may be possible.

5. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint is another dual purpose product on the list of essential oils for leukemia. The oil is very popular in aromatherapy and is thought to help soothe and calm. However, peppermint also shares numerous qualities with frankincense essential oil, one of the best known essentials for various types of cancer. Though much more study will be needed to prove early claims, it’s thought that sesquiterpenes found in the oil may deliver more oxygen throughout the body, making a more inhospitable environment for cancer.