Best Essential Oils for Kidney Stones – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small, hard pieces of material that can form in the urinary tract when either the urine contains more of the substances that cause them, or there is less than normal urine output which can be caused by medical conditions, dehydration, heredity, diet and more. Symptoms related to kidney stones can vary and some may experience none at all. However typically, abdominal and groin pain are present, and this pain can both be sudden and severe. In the most extreme cases even vomiting and nausea may be present. When there are no complications present, the typical treatment for kidney stones is pain management with over the counter or prescription pain relievers, and waiting for the stone or stones to pass through the ureter. The lack of treatment options available has led to various types of home remedies becoming more popular, including the use of essential oils for kidney stones.

It’s important to understand that no home remedy, including plant oils, is going to remove a kidney stone or relieve an obstruction. Drinking lots of fluids and managing the pain are about all that is available for sufferers who do not have any other health concerns present. Fortunately, these two areas encompass some of the most well known of all historical essential oils uses, where many have been utilized for both analgesic and diuretic properties.

Using essential oils for kidney stones may have one additional purpose as well, and that is in terms of preventing them from forming in the first place. Though little scientific evidence exists to support this theory, many in the alternative healing community consider some herbs and essential oils for kidney stones important to maintaining a healthy urinary tract and keeping the condition from ever forming in the first place. Our top five list of the best essential oils for kidney stones highlights both those that may provide symptom relief or speed the passing process as well as those that may help aid in prevention. Some of the best five found below may even do both!

1. Lemon Oil: By far and away this particular oil is the most popular and considered the most effective natural substance for kidney stones. It’s believed that its contained citrate may help to inhibit calcium composed stones and therefore possibly helping prevent stone formation. The oil is also thought to help break apart existing stones, though this notion is largely based in theory. What is perhaps more certain is that lemon oil is thought to be an effective natural diuretic, and this activity may help move stones along. For these benefits, a single drop added to a glass of water then drank is a preferred usage method. One other way lemon may be useful is applied with a carrier oil over painful areas. Though anecdotal at best, some people have found this use effective at relieving pain.

2. Fennel Oil: Because fennel oil is typically considered safe for internal consumption whether via capsule or added a drop or two at a time to a glass of water, it’s one of the more popular essential oils for kidney stones. Known as a natural diuretic, fennel also may provide other benefits both in the digestive system and in terms of inflammation relief, too.

3. Rosemary Oil: There are two reasons that rosemary may be one of the best essential oils for kidney stones, but evidence is conflicting as to whether or not internal consumption is appropriate or safe. Therefore taking advantage of the oil’s benefits is best done via neat application or external application with a carrier oil in those with sensitive skin. Rosemary is thought to be a valuable natural pain reliever, and also boasts diuretic properties, too.

4. Geranium Oil: Diffusion of geranium oil is quite popular, and can provide calming stress relief, which can be valuable in persons suffering from kidney stones. This method of use may also be appropriate for taking advantage of the oil’s diuretic properties. However, the value of geranium amongst essential oils for kidney stones lies in its analgesic properties and neat application over the painful area may result in some relief from discomfort.

5. Lemongrass Oil: One of the most common uses for lemongrass oil is applied neat to painful areas around the body for relief. This is the main reason is a popular selection among essential oils for kidney stones, although it’s not the only one. Lemongrass is also thought of as a natural diuretic, and it’s typically well tolerated when ingested, provided instructions are followed and therapeutic grade oils are used.