Best Essential Oils for Kidney Infection – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Kidney Infection

A kidney infection is a serious condition that is almost always a complication of a urinary tract and bladder infection that was either left untreated or was furthered by things like kidney stones that allowed bacteria to travel to the upper urinary system. There is no home remedy or treatment for a kidney infection, and antibiotics are always required. Home treatment can delay medical care essential to eradicating the infection, leading to greater risks such as the infection moving into the bloodstream. Despite some information from various sources, it is never appropriate to use essential oils for kidney infection relief. Doing so increases risks of the illness becoming more serious and causing further complications. There may however be some practical use for these natural remedies, such as using essential oils for kidney infection symptoms, for instance. And, some plant oils may help provide supplemental benefits alongside conventional medical treatment in terms of eradicating the source bacteria of the infection.

Historically, essential oils uses have been two fold. On the one hand, they have been used for hundreds of years as a treatment and cure for many types of illness and disease, although some of the purely folkloric in nature. On the other, they have long been celebrated for their purported ability to bring about symptom relief caused from certain types of illness and disease, including reducing pain or stimulating or relaxing various muscles found in the body. It is possible that the use of essential oils for kidney infection related ails may be somewhere in between these two applications, where some may provide symptom relief, and others supporting the efforts of conventional modern medicine. Our top five essential oils for kidney infection encompass both applications, but it cannot be emphasized enough that prompt medical treatment is imperative for suspected kidney infections and, any natural remedy including plant oils should be discussed with a healthcare provider before proceeding.

1. Cypress Oil: Because of its well known diuretic, antibiotic and antibacterial properties, cypress essential oil is one of the most commonly noted plant oils for various infections of the urinary tract, including kidney infections. It is possible that this oil may help reduce unwanted bacteria in the system and stimulate urine flow too, although more study will be needed to better understand these effects. Diffusion is the best way to take advantage of cypress’ multiple benefits.

2. Thyme Oil: This particular oil is thought to boast similar effects to cypress but is generally assumed to be safe for internal ingestion, making it potentially more effective at eradicating unwanted internal bacteria which thyme essential oil has demonstrated effectiveness at in research studies. Before internal use of thyme or any other essential oils for kidney infection support, a healthcare provider should be consulted and using only therapeutic grade oils is important.

3. Sandalwood Oil: It is quite possible that sandalwood essential oil is hands down the very best choice in essential oils for kidney infection. When quality, therapeutic grade oils are used, it is typically safe for internal use via capsule, allowing full for advantage of its numerous benefits. Sandalwood oil has demonstrated antibacterial effects in studies, and is also believed to be useful to quell nausea and stimulate urine flow to help potentially flush out harmful illness causing bacteria more quickly.

4. Oregano Oil: This mint family member is one of the most noted herbal remedies for any type of infection, including those of the urinary tract that may include the kidneys. Alongside conventional medical treatment, oregano essential oil may provide an additional bacteria busting boost – a theory supported by in vitro studies of oregano in a lab demonstrating its germ killing abilities. However, oregano oil is one of the more potent essential oils for kidney infection support, and it must be properly diluted for internal use and should never be used internally for more than a week or two.

5. Birch Oil: Although somewhat more difficult to find than many of the other essential oils for kidney infection related ails, there is a good reason to put the effort into finding it. One of the more predominant symptoms of a kidney infection is back pain, and birch essential oil is thought to be a powerful analgesic, potentially providing effective relief from some of the discomfort. Use in massage oil is the most popular method to take advantage of birch oil’s pain relieving benefits, but this application on the abdomen is also believed by some to quell other kidney and bladder infection related symptoms.