Best Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure

Anyone who has ever been in a tense meeting or stuck in a precarious visit with estranged family members knows one of the most common causes of high blood pressure, simply stress. In many cases, this type of a rise in the rate at which the heart is working to pump blood throughout the body is likely temporary and can return to normal in time. But, there are other reasons why blood pressure may be high and stay high including medications and illness like kidney disease and thyroid disorders. Additionally, some lifestyle factors such as smoking or a lack of physical activity can also contribute. Physiological attributes also may lend themselves to the development of high blood pressure and those that are overweight or have a family history of the condition are at much greater risk. Healthful lifestyle changes including reducing weight, changing diet and getting more exercise can have a dramatic positive effect on blood pressure levels. And, there are some alternative natural options to help move the process along as well, including using essential oils for high blood pressure.

Though currently there is little study on the topic, essential oils uses throughout history have included treating disease symptoms and improving overall health. Essential oils however, have not been approved to treat any medical condition or disease and they are not regulated in the same ways medicines are. Because so little study has been done on them, consumers often miss important information about their safe use including the appropriate inclusion of carrier oils for external use, the risks of ingestion due to potential toxicity, and other hazards that are best explained by a healthcare provider or professional aroma therapist. Persons with medical conditions and those taking medications need to use even more caution to ensure the safe use of essential oils for high blood pressure to reduce the risks involved. But, with proper education, sourcing of therapeutic grade oils and responsible use, there are a great many benefits to using the powerful oils found in many different plants, each boasting a unique set of chemical compounds that may have healthful benefits. The best five essential oils for high blood pressure follow, offering a unique and natural way to potentially help ease cardiovascular strain and reduce long term disease risk.

1. Clary Sage Oil: This particular essential oil has an interesting history. A fifty year old study conducted on canines may have incorrectly noted a rise in blood pressure with the use of clary sage, although the method of delivery was intravenously. Conversely, a much more recent study in Korea performed on a small sampling of women with various health problems found that it helped lower their blood pressure when used in aromatherapy, suggesting that clary sage may be one of the best essential oils for high blood pressure despite its confusing past. What is less confusing is the fact that clary sage essential oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years and made its way into much ancient literature.

2. Lavender Oil: There is one very basic way in which lavender essential oil may benefit blood pressure levels. When used in aromatherapy, it is thought to help relieve stress and is believed to help relax the body’s central nervous system. For people experiencing high blood pressure as a result of emotional or physical stress, this natural soother is likely ideal among essential oils for high blood pressure.

3. Sage Oil: Despite very similar names, sage and clary sage are two different things. This likely helped contribute to early confusion regarding small studies into their hypotensive or hypertensive properties. It is generally accepted by most in the alternative healing community that sage essential oil can help reduce blood pressure, although since much time has passed since relevant studies have been performed, more research will likely be needed to further validate the oil’s long lived yet anecdotal applications.

4. Hyssop Oil: Early research may have forever blacklisted hyssop essential oil in terms of its reputation alongside other essential oils for high blood pressure. But, the lesser known natural may not have done anything to earn its bad rap. Though a study many years ago did find that blood pressure could be elevated with the use of hyssop, this was only when given intravenously in extremely high dosages. When used appropriately, hyssop is thought to work in quite the opposite way by actually reducing blood pressure.

5. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint essential oil is an interesting essential oil and many people consider it a stimulant. Peppermint can absolutely have stimulating effects, but sometimes this association becomes a bit muddled. There are many different purported essential oils for high blood pressure, and not all of them are thought to work by actually affecting the physiological components of the condition. Some, like peppermint, are possibly effective due to their soothing and stress relieving properties, which can be quite effective at lowering blood pressure in some if some form of stress relief is achieved through use.