Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Although they are often also called “piles”, most people call hemorrhoids by their full name, when they are discussed at all, that is. Almost 80 percent of people will get hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, but they are more common in adults and men than others. Inflamed or swollen veins surrounding the rectum or anus are considered hemorrhoids, and constipation, diarrhea, age, pregnancy, anal intercourse, extended sitting, obesity and genetics may all be direct or underlying causes of both internal and external occurrences. Piles can be incredibly painful, itchy, irritated and inconvenient; however, many people are embarrassed to discuss them with a healthcare provider even though they are not only easily prevented, but easily treated, too. Over the counter remedies are therefore quite popular, especially for a quick fix of symptoms. Another type of treatment relies on alternative medicine, in the form of essential oils for hemorrhoids.

Since increased pressure from various sources is almost always the root cause of both internal and external hemorrhoids, the easiest way to deal with them is preventing them in the first place. Heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, straining in the restroom and much more can lead to the development of symptoms, and avoiding these things can prevent hemorrhoids from ever forming at all. But, it is not always easy to keep piles at bay, and though not all of them produce symptoms – many do – and it is often impossible not to try to find some form of relief right away. Symptom relief needs may vary from person to person, and this is another reason why using essential oils for hemorrhoids may be so effective.

Unlike many medicines, most plant oils have far more than one medicinal effect. In fact, these individual healthful properties are what are responsible for the prolific use of natural therapies for hundreds of years. Essential oils uses throughout history have rarely been singular, and many plant oils had several uses and some even included catch alls like “general wellness.” Though little study has been conducted today into the validity of many past essential oils uses, what has been established is that many plant oils contain complex compounds that have a variety of healthful effects. As a result, using essential oils for hemorrhoids is thought to include effects like relieving burning, tingling, itching, stinging, healing ruptures, reducing bleeding, boosting circulation, healing damaged tissues, reducing swelling and much more, although far more study will be needed in order to better understand these purported uses.

Because hemorrhoids can be quite embarrassing, many people elect home care unless their condition worsens or is concerning for other reasons. Moist witch hazel pads can provide some relief, but it is often very temporary. And, over the counter creams may not help relieve discomfort for long, and certainly have their “application related” challenges, so to speak. This lack of effective and long lasting relief creates the perfect opportunity for natural remedies to outperform pharmaceuticals, and essential oils for hemorrhoids might do just that. But, bear in mind that it is imperative to speak to a doctor and naturalist or alternative healing professional before trying any of our favorite five oils below, especially any that are being applied topically or ingested, with or without dilution or the use of a carrier oil.

1. Cedarwood Oil: Known for its soothing benefits and popularity in aromatherapy, cedarwood essential oil has also been suggested to boost circulation and employ tissue healing benefits as well, although more research will be needed to validate these claims.

2. Geranium Oil: Two drops of this oil added to either a warm bath or a balm or ointment may be ideal in persons whose hemorrhoids are particularly tender or have a burning sensation associated with them. This suggested distinction among geranium essential oil furthers the argument for using essential oils for hemorrhoids, because not everyone will encounter the same symptoms all of the time, and individual oils can provide individualized results.

3. Cypress Oil: They say size does not matter, but it is possible that nowhere is that LESS true than in the case of hemorrhoids, which certainly may be more symptomatic the larger they get. Cypress essential oil is thought to be one of few essential oils for hemorrhoids that might encourage shrinking, a big benefit for a big problem on the backside.

4. Yarrow Oil: Anyone looking to heal the damage that hemorrhoids have left behind need look no further than yarrow essential oil, which is not only thought to help provide soothing benefits but also promote faster healing once the swelling or inflammation related to the blown out vein returns to normal.

5. Juniper Oil: Juniper essential oil may be one of the most well rounded essential oils for hemorrhoids, because it is purported to both shrink and soothe and cool the affected area, meaning that it might be effective at providing immediate relief as well as helping improve the condition of the area for longer term relief, too.