Best Essential Oils For Gingivitis – Top 5 List

Essential Oils For Gingivitis

Gingivitis refers to any infection of the gums found in the mouth. This can be caused in a couple of different ways. There is a space called a sulcus that exists between the tooth and gum line, in an area that is not visible to the naked eye. Should food or germs collect in that area, an infection is possible. Another way in which gingivitis may begin is related to plaque. Throughout the day, there is a constant collection of plaque on the teeth. It is building up minute by minute, and is removed only later by brushing. When plaque reaches an area that is below the gum line, it can cause infection which therefore is gingivitis. Unfortunately, gingivitis is not symptom free and has complications associated with it should the infection be allowed to continue up to and including periodontitis. Practicing good oral hygiene is imperative to treating gingivitis, but sometimes it may not be enough. Scaling, surgery, tooth removal, root planing, laser treatment, antibiotics and bone and tissue grafts are all employed in the treatment of gingivitis. But, before the condition gets to the point of needing serious treatments like these, it might be worth considering some lifestyle changes alongside some natural healers such as essential oils for gingivitis.

It may seem as though essential oils uses would not include a condition like gingivitis, but it is important to remember what they have been used for historically. Thought to possess antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory and antifungal properties, based on the past use of essential oils, it seems there are few that would not have some positive effect on the condition. However, it is imperative to understand that not all essential oils are safe to ingest or use orally, especially undiluted or when not therapeutic grade. Therefore it is important to discuss any and all natural or alternative treatments with a medical or dental professional before proceeding. Additionally, while there is some evidence to suggest that essential oils for gingivitis may be able to help fight infection and provide some relief from pain and discomfort, they are in no way a substitute for proper dental care and should only be considered a temporary aid or part of a good oral hygiene routine. The five found below are among the best essential oils for gingivitis and may have other positive applications in maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth as they are further researched.

1. Melaleuca Oil: Not known by its proper name often, rather the common moniker “tea tree essential oil,” melaleuca is currently being studied in a wide variety of applications, many of them focused on taking advantage of the oil’s demonstrated germ fighting ability. It may come as no surprise then that melaleuca may be one of the best essential oils for gingivitis, should further evidence of its ability to destroy pathogens and microbes be proven.

2. Myrrh Oil: Usage of myrrh dates back thousands of years, but it may be best known for its mention in the Bible. Once highly prized and valued, today myrrh essential oil is most popular in aromatherapy. However, the purported cleansing abilities of the astringent, anti inflammatory substance have made it become more popular in oral health, and herbalists have determined it may have applications among essential oils for gingivitis, although further research will be needed to validate this use.

3. Peppermint Oil: Fans of popular natural toothpastes will no doubt notice the inclusion of peppermint essential oil on many ingredient labels. While this may be partially for flavoring, there are other reasons why peppermint may be included, and it may have to do with the fact that it’s considered one of the best essential oils for gingivitis. More study will be needed to confirm these claims; however using peppermint essential oil in a homemade toothpaste may have more than just aromatic benefit.

4. Thyme Oil: More potent versions of natural toothpaste sometimes include thymol, the essential oil of thyme. Thyme essential oil is thought to be one of the most powerful of all plant based oils, and careful use is imperative. Though likely highly valuable amongst essential oils for gingivitis, the easiest way to use this oil may be to purchase a natural toothpaste that contains thymol.

5. Eucalyptus Oil: It can be dangerous to apply many oils neat directly to the gum line, and eucalyptus essential oil is not an exception to this caution. However, when diluted appropriately, it may be possible to take advantage of some of the amazing benefits the oil may have on oral bacteria as has been evidenced in some studies.