Best Essential Oils for Gallbladder – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Gallbladder

Just below the liver can be found a small pouch responsible for storing the bile it produces. This little sack is called the gallbladder, and it inflates and deflates depending on how much bile it is holding in response to meal times and messages sent to it from the body. Despite the fact that the bile it stores is important because without it fats would be indigestible, bile is produced by the liver and the gallbladder itself is not required for normal physiological function. As a result, people experiencing regular or serious problems with the bile storage unit often have it removed and this causes little issue. Common conditions relating to the gallbladder include inflammation and gallstones. Cancer of gallbladder and pancreatitis are much more serious conditions and almost always result in removal of the pouch. Though not a necessary part, hanging on to the gallbladder is not a bad idea to prevent the slightly increased risk of things like fat malabsorption; and, in the absence of serious conditions, there are thought to be ways to help support it and maintain it, including using essential oils for gallbladder health.

Supporting individual organs, parts and processes found in the body have long been considered common essential oils uses. In fact, overall digestive support and generalized stress relief remain some of the most popular essential oils uses today. Currently, there is little evidence to support the use of essential oils for gallbladder health, but potent oils found in various plants have been used in ancient and folk medicine for a long time in this application. It is important to remember however, that using essential oils for gallbladder health will not prevent illness or disease or the need to have it removed if health problems arise. Though many in the healing community believe that essential oils have medicinal benefits including providing healthy support to the gallbladder, these claims have not been evaluated nor confirmed by medical research and remain alternative theories. As with any chemical substance, there may be risks involved with using essential oils for gallbladder health depending on methodology, and therefore a healthcare provider should be contacted before doing so. Not all oils are safe for ingestion because some are poisonous. And, some can be irritating when improperly applied externally or without the use of a carrier oil. Keeping these things in mind before using our five best picks in essential oils for gallbladder health is imperative for safe and responsible use.

1. Grapefruit Oil: Citrus essential oils are some of the most popular for maintaining optimum gallbladder health, and grapefruit is a standout favorite amongst herbalists. Testimonials from users somewhat support these claims and the oil is commonly used in a veggie cap, and sometimes in combination with others.

2. Wild Orange Oil: Like grapefruit oil, that from orange is also thought to provide citrus goodness that may positively affect the gallbladder, though just how remains unclear. Regardless, it’s popular in alternative medicine used in capsule form, most often in a blend that includes other essential oils for gallbladder health, including grapefruit, lime, bergamot and others.

3. Scotch Pine Oil: A popular folk remedy to ease gallbladder woes involves an external compress application of scotch pine oil, diluted in not hot but warm water. The remedy is purportedly indicated for gallbladder “attacks”, and is an old fashioned pain reliever, according to some.

4. Rosemary Oil: It’s suggested that headaches, particularly migraines, may result from having gallbladder issues. Rosemary is indicated for aromatherapy use for relief of discomfort associated with both headaches and migraines as described by some naturalists.

5. Lemon Oil: One of the best known home remedies for gallbladder problems is lemon juice mixed with water and grapefruit juice and olive oil. Though little is known about the effects of this unusual beverage, it lends some credibility to the use of lemon essential oils for gallbladder problems, though more research will be needed to determine if lemon is another citrus oil possibly effective in this regard.