Best Essential Oils for Flu – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Flu

Each and every year, thousands upon thousands of people get the illness referred to as “the flu.” However, this name can be a bit misleading. The flu (influenza) is not one condition – its numerous related respiratory illnesses caused by a wide range of viruses. Some people choose to get flu vaccines, which can decrease their risk of contracting the contagious viruses, but because vaccines are limited to only certain strains, even the vaccinated can get sick, and those that are not vaccinated stand a greater chance of developing the illness. Though the flu can be incredibly serious and even life threatening, most of the time these extreme cases are limited to the already ill, the elderly, and children. Most cases of influenza do resolve on their own over a period of days with home care and without medical treatment. Rest, fluids, and over the counter forms of symptom management are the most common tools for illness management, and some employ additional treatment methods, including natural choices like using essential oils for flu symptoms and infection treatment.

Only recently has some headway been made in terms of antiviral medications that may actually reduce the length of time that the flu virus hangs around. However, many natural antivirals have existed and been used historically for this very same purpose. Complex plant oils are purported to have antifungal, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and some new studies are not only confirming their effectiveness against viruses, including influenza, but other similar applications as well. With more study and research, it is possible that more ancient essential oils uses will be confirmed.

Though potentially attacking the source of the illness is no doubt exciting, using essential oils for flu based illness may be effective in another way. Symptom management in otherwise healthy individuals is typically the only form of treatment for influenza, and this part of illness management is where many in the alternative healing community suggest that essential oils excel. From congestion to aches and pains and everything in between, essential oils for flu symptoms are thought to be effective for multiple forms of symptom relief. Many of their supposed healthful effects are easily taken advantage of through aromatherapy, but some may involve safe topical application or in rare cases, ingestion. However, because they are so potent and powerful, all use of essential oils for flu relief should be discussed with a healthcare provider before proceeding. And, no oil should be ingested or applied topically without professional advice as some may be irritant or poisonous and require dilution or carrier oils in order to be safe for use, if applicable.

Below can be found the best five essential oils for flu relief. Some of these oils embrace home remedies that testimonials from users continue to support. Some of these oils are backed by early preliminary scientific evidence, suggesting their future use in combating the flue. Regardless of origin, these essential oils for flu relief have endured in holistic medicine for many years, and with safe and responsible use of therapeutic grade oils, may be able to provide some relief throughout the cold and flu season.

1. Tea Tree Oil: Within the last decade, some studies have been performed on various essential oils to see how they stack up against some strains of the flu virus in vitro. Blends performed well, but tea tree essential oil stood along as a solitary agent that did demonstrate antiviral activity, likely thanks to a contained compound known as terpinen-4-ol. Though more research will be needed to better understand these early results, tea tree oil may be one of the best essential oils for flu because not only was it shown to reduce virus presence but also reduce its replication.

2. Eucalyptus Oil: Many people enjoy eucalyptus in aromatherapy for its soothing and calming effects, but the true medicinal uses of this koala favorite may be being overlooked. It is thought to be particularly useful to rid the body of mucus, and as a result is very popular for relieving congestion and other respiratory related symptoms.

3. Lemon Oil: This citrus favorite is more based in home remedy than medical science (although it is tough to argue against the germ killing effects of lemon). Lemon essential oil is purported to promote drainage, when properly diluted and applied externally.

4. Frankincense Oil: Most people would not think that frankincense essential oil was likely to be found among the best essential oils for flu. But, the ancient oil is greatly linked to lung health and breathing, which may be why it is so widely popular in alternative medicine when respiratory problems are present. Adding the oil to a favorite lotion or balm one or two drops at a time is suggested by some to be effective at opening the lungs up.

5. Oregano Oil: Studies have found oregano’s germ killing abilities to be top notch, although its use against viruses is still up for debate. Regardless, oregano does have a very valuable use that makes it one of the best essential oils for flu. Unfortunately, sinus infections are common side by side occurrences with the illness, and may even occur right afterward. Oregano essential oil is thought to be useful for combating them, and possibly even preventing their formation, when used in aromatherapy, although more study will be needed to confirm these claims.