Best Essential Oils for Endometriosis – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Endometriosis

Many women have endometriosis, a condition characterized by the abnormal growth of cells that are similar to those found in the uterus in areas that they do not belong, namely outside of the uterus. It is still unclear just what causes the condition, but family history and even environmental factors may be to blame. Symptoms vary from person to person, but pelvic pain, more intense pain during menstruation, urinary pain or pain during bowel movements, fertility problems and pain during intercourse are all common symptoms. Typically, prescription and non-prescription pain relievers, hormone therapy and birth control are used in order to manage some of the symptoms of the condition, but the majority of these can have unwanted side effects that some do not prefer for such a long lasting condition. Natural remedies are few, but some are showing some promise, such as the use of essential oils for endometriosis.

Because the condition is rather complicated, using plant oils in its treatment is not a far fetched idea. Not only do plant oils encompass a wide array of health conditions, essential oils uses that have been taken advantage of for centuries, but they also are considered very valuable in terms of providing some symptom relief as well. For instance, some essential oils uses may include pain relief, while others may help balance hormones that can worsen the symptoms of endometriosis. Although there is still much to be learned about plant oils and much existing research is still in its infancy, understanding historical use of plant oils can help determine which ones may be ideal for this common condition. The best five essential oils for endometriosis follow, and each represents unique ways of potentially alleviating some of the condition’s symptoms. While these natural treatments offer some promise of non-medicinal forms of therapy, they are no substitute for medical advice and treatment and should not be used without consulting a healthcare professional.

1. Frankincense Oil: Whether through the use of certain types of medical treatment or as a result of the condition itself, it is believed by some that people with endometriosis are at an increased risk of developing various types of cancer. Recent studies have found frankincense potentially useful in this application, meaning that in terms of potential cancer prevention, frankincense may be one of the best essential oils for endometriosis. However, since the oil is also linked to prompt pain relief and promoting mental wellness, it is perhaps an even better rounded choice. A one or two percent solution diluted with a carrier oil and then massaged into the abdomen is the most popular method of use of this oil for this condition.

2. Cypress Oil: There is some evidence to support the use of cypress essential oil in terms of increasing circulation, and though it may not seem relevant to endometriosis sufferers, providing a boost of nutrient rich blood throughout the body is thought to promote numerous health benefits, including pain relief. In addition, it is also considered a natural antispasmodic, furthering its use in the condition. Topical application with a one or two percent dilution or added to a bath are both common methods of using cypress oil for endometriosis.

3. Clary Sage Oil: This particular plant oil is one of few that are directly linked to correcting female hormone imbalances, which can certainly be valuable in persons with endometriosis. Interestingly enough, one of the most common methods of use for clary sage essential oil is not massage or ingestion, rather neat application a drop or two at a time to the ankle. Though it may sound hokey, it is an alternative remedy that has endured for years and is what makes clary sage continually known as one of the best essential oils for endometriosis.

4. Eucalyptus Oil: Inflammation can be a serious source of pain and discomfort, and some of the most well known purposes of essential oils is reducing pain causing swelling. In endometriosis sufferers, this property can have some function, and reducing painful inflammation can provide relief. Eucalyptus essential oil is also thought to boast natural analgesic properties, providing fast pain relief when applied topically, diluted in a carrier oil.

5. Lavender Oil: Scar tissue is a major cause of concern for endometriosis sufferers, and it is suspected that lavender essential oil, the oil best known for calming stress relief, may also be able to help regenerate cells and reduce fibroid scar tissue caused from the condition. These theories are speculative in nature, but lavender has also been linked to pain relief providing yet another reason why it might be one of the best essential oils for endometriosis. Lavender is very versatile in terms of use, but neat topical application and addition to a warm bath are both popular methods of use.