Best Essential Oils for Ear Infection – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Ear Infection

An ear infection refers to any invasion of the middle ear with a virus or bacterium which leads to an infection resulting in inflammation and fluid buildup in the space behind the eardrum. The combination of fluid buildup and inflammation mean that ear infections are often quite painful due to pressure. Unfortunately, this is exacerbated by the fact that most of the time, ear infections are left to resolve on their own without much treatment aside that for care and comfort. In some cases where the infection is persistent or symptoms are unbearable, medications may be used. This is because fluid hanging around in the middle ear for long periods of time, or regularly recurring ear infections, may have serious implications, including increasing the risk for hearing loss. In most cases though, ear infections are mild but painful non-serious ailments that may or may not require medical care. Home remedies, pain management techniques and diligent monitoring are the most common types of treatment in otherwise healthy individuals. Some natural and alternative remedies are becoming quite popular as well for occasional use, including essential oils for ear infection relief.

Another reason that home care and monitoring are important, as well as some alternative remedies like essential oils for ear infection, is because ear pain is not always indicative of an actual infection every time. Problems within the ear that can feel and even look like an infection can be related to other issues such as poor draining. Unfortunately this emphasizes the fact that ear infections can be and sometimes are over diagnosed, and therefore there is potential there for the overuse of antibiotics as well. A medical professional should be consulted if an ear infection is suspected. But, if infection isn’t present, the argument for home remedies, including the use of natural options like essential oils for ear infection relief may be furthered, because they’re based in symptom relief as much as they are targeting pathogenic underlying sources.

A historical look at essential oils uses helps explain this association a little better. Unlike most medicines which provide either treatment for a disease or illness or its symptoms, essential oils may provide both simultaneously. So for instance, if a bacterial or viral bug is at the source of the problem, oils with antiviral or antibacterial properties may be effective choices. On the flip side, if no pathogenic source is present, or the desire is only for symptom relief regardless, inflammation and pain relieving oils may be the most effective, and many oils are well known for both uses. It’s therefore thought to be possible to use essential oils for ear infection relief for both symptom management and helping to reduce the proliferation of bacteria or viruses at the source of the infection.

It’s imperative to remember that before considering using any essential oils for ear infection or ear pain relief that a doctor be consulted. Because ear problems are much more common in children than in adults, this is especially true before any essential oils for ear infection relief are used on children. Additionally, sourcing quality, therapeutic grade products is important for best results, and understanding safe methods of use for essential oils is important as well. Keeping these things in mind while exploring our favorite five essential oils for ear infection relief will help ensure safe and enjoyable use of nature’s most potent plant oils.

1. Tea Tree Oil: Also known as melaleuca, tea tree oil is well known in a wide variety of alternative healing applications, mostly thanks to astringent and antibacterial and antifungal properties which have been demonstrated in studies. What may make it ideal for problems with the ear, however, relates to it’s supposed anti inflammatory benefits. Massaging the oil combined with a carrier of choices into the external area surrounding the ear and including the neck, is thought to provide some pain relief by reducing swelling.

2. Thyme Oil: Thyme is regularly used internally for various types of common infection, and that’s what makes it one of the best essential oils for ear infection relief when a virus or bacterium is to blame. A doctor should be consulted before using the oil neat or ingesting, and it can also be used in a blended oil for massage or as a therapeutic gargle.

3. Rosemary Oil: This particular herb’s potent oil is associated with relieving pain, which anyone with a history of ear infections can attest there is no shortage of when one is present. It’s also thought to have antiseptic properties and abilities to relieve stress, too. An ideal way to use rosemary is in a warm compress, but like other essential oils for ear infection relief, aromatherapy and diffusion are also popular methods of use.

4. Eucalyptus Oil: Few essential oils are as intimately linked to common illnesses as eucalyptus, which is so popular it’s even included in some products like cough drops. In terms of use in ear infections however, antiviral and anti inflammatory benefits are likely the main points of association. Using therapeutic grade eucalyptus oil can include topical application when combined with a carrier oil or ointment to the area surrounding the ear, or diffusion. Inhaling vapors from a cup of warm water may have other soothing benefits as well.

5. Lavender Oil: The pain from an ear infection can be quite intense and stress relief from lavender in aromatherapy can be very useful for calming relief when symptoms are at their worst. But, lavender may be one of the best essential oils for infection for other reasons besides reducing anxiety. It’s thought to help reduce inflammation and reduce pain, and can be applied neat to the external area around the ear or massaged in with a carrier oil or when combined with a balm or ointment.