Best Essential Oils for Digestion – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Digestion

Digestive problems are said to be responsible for more missed days of work than any other ailment, and this comes as no surprise to many people given how much the human diet has changed over the last few hundred years. Whole foods have been replaced with processed and refined versions of whole food, and society today accepts that artificial flavorings are used in edibles, while actual plant derivatives are supplanted in household cleaners in what seems like an odd exchange of resources. Compounding this is the fact that emotional distress may have a profound impact on digestive health, and people today are more stressed than ever thanks to ever increasing pressures in a rapidly modernizing world. To combat this onslaught of foes regularly attacking the digestive system, many have turned to natural options for relief, including the use of essential oils for digestion.

Essential oils are typically responsible for the scent components of plants among other things, and research has found that historical essential oils uses for a wide range of medical problems may have been at least somewhat founded in fact, considering the amazing effects that have been observed in some studies when compounds from essential oils have been tested. Unfortunately, since science is only beginning to examine the potential wealth of essential oil uses, they remain unregulated and unapproved, making responsible and safe use imperative. When considering using essential oils for digestion, it is important to speak with a health care provider first and consult a professional regarding the use of individual oils. Not all oils can be applied “neat” (without a carrier oil) because they may cause irritation. And, some essential oils can be poisonous or toxic if ingested (although not all and some are even used as food additives). As has been since ancient times, there are many essential oils for digestion to consider, but we have five standouts to consider.

1. Peppermint Oil: The Ancient Greeks and Romans revered peppermint essential oil, likely for its ability to help relax muscles, but it terms of digestion this benefit can also be useful for cramping and relieving gas. Generally, peppermint oil is thought to help stave off bloating and get gastric juices flowing to hasten digestion along, lending to its gastrointestinally beneficial reputation. In studies, peppermint proved useful in pain relief from IBS related symptoms when used in capsule form, but it is perhaps most popular in this application when massaged in externally after being combined with a soothing carrier oil, like many essential oils for digestion.

2. Fennel Oil: Fennel essential oil is believed to be exceptional and a real winner among essential oils for digestion, because in addition to helping support healthy digestion thanks to antiparasitic, antispasmodic, antitoxic and diuretic properties as purported, it has also been associated with promoting a healthy pancreas and liver, too.

3. Tarragon Oil: Historically, tarragon essential oil’s uses were based on its stimulatory nature as it has been said to stimulate appetite, digestion, and the production of bile in the liver. This trifecta of boosting benefits make it possibly one of the best essential oils for digestion, although a reported history of eradicating intestinal worms does not hurt either.

4. Oregano Oil: The benefit of oregano essential oil from the plant providing a popular culinary spice relates to an underlying source of many digestive problems, pathogens. Destruction of bacteria or viruses as oil of oregano is purported to do, make it one of the best essential oils for digestion, particularly when illness is the cause of the discomfort.

5. Cardamom Oil: Lab rat and rabbit studies have shown that cardamom essential oil helps relieve discomfort associated with gastrointestinal problems, meaning that it may be one of the best essential oils for digestion related symptom relief. But, there is more to cardamom than just soothing a tumultuous tummy. When used in aromatherapy, cardamom can help relieve worry and anxiety supposedly, targeting another potential source of digestive distress in the first place.