Best Essential Oils for Detox – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Detox

The topic of whether or not detoxing actually helps the body or even works at all is still the subject of much debate. Though growing and growing in popularity, not everyone is sold on the idea that the body needs help ridding itself of toxins. There is some logic to this new fad however, especially as the exposure to environmental and ingestible toxins and pollutants becomes more of an everyday occurrence. Yet, the body has numerous parts that all have detoxification as a part of their function. For instance, the liver and kidneys are both responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body. One common notion is that over time, toxins can build up in the liver and kidneys, which could be remedied with a detox diet or cleanse; but, no toxicants actually build up in these organs, they are very efficiently expelled – the body is a masterful cleanser of itself. So what purpose then would essential oils for detox provide? Well that answer depends greatly on what type of detox plan is being considered.

There is not just one type of detoxification plan or diet. What’s worse is that no one method has been proven any more or less effective than another. Obviously all of these variables can make understanding detoxification substantially more challenging. Unfortunately, one of the most popular detoxification regimens consists of fasting or “juice cleansing,” where no eating takes place over a period of days and if any beverages are consumed, they are limited to certain kinds including juice. Other types of detoxification plans are even more stringent, including enemas, other forms of colon cleansing, supplements, powders, pills and more. The problem with these types of lifestyle changes is that they are not sustainable, can be dangerous and will likely yield little, if any effects. A better alternative might be sticking to a clean eating diet and incorporating essential oils for detox that may help the body rid itself of toxins from some rather unexpected places.

For hundreds of years, essential oils uses have included treating and curing illness according to anecdotal evidence, and some of this healing power may have been attributed to the various ways in which essential oils may stimulate the waste removing systems of the body to help keep the body clean and functioning normally. Unfortunately, despite the long history associated with essential oils uses, they are not approved to treat, cure or assist in the remedy of any disease or illness. They are also largely unregulated, opening the window for health and safety concerns. Because little research has been done into the potential benefits of most essential oils, it is impossible to know whether or not they are all safe, and some are associated with toxicity if ingested or irritation if applied externally. For these reasons, anyone considering using one of the five essential oils for detox found below should consult with a healthcare provider before proceeding.

1. Black Pepper Oil: Before using black pepper essential oil, it is imperative to remember that the oil should not be applied topically because it can be irritating. It should be diluted with a carrier oil, even when used in a bath. Because of its supposed effects on multiple physiological systems that expel waste from the body, black pepper is arguably one of the best essential oils for detox use. It is thought to improve circulation and boost digestive health including regulation of bowel movements.

2. Grapefruit Oil: Though it has been associated with photosensitivity, grapefruit essential oil may affect a duo of waste removing processes within the body. The oil may help with both water retention and also provide healthy support to the lymphatic system, though further study will be needed to validate these claims that bolster the use of grapefruit amongst essential oils for detox. One thing that is certain however is that many people find the oil’s scent pleasing and it remains popular as a mood enhancer in aromatherapy.

3. Geranium Oil: Few essential oils are thought to affect as many waste removal processes within the body as geranium which has been associated with the skin, the kidneys and the liver – which are all related to waste removal. Like grapefruit, geranium essential oil has also been linked to boosting circulation, though further research will be needed to better understand the role of geranium as one of several essential oils for detox applications.

4. Lemon Oil: Lemon juice is an important part of many detoxification routines, but lemon essential oil holds much more value than an acidic part of a juice cleanse. Lemon is believed by some to help support a healthy immune system, but also boost circulation and support of those waste removing organs the liver and kidneys.

5. Mandarin Oil: No doubt it has become apparent that our top five list of essential oils for detox is packed full of citrus favorites. Mandarin is no exception, and it is the same liver support that lands it on the list of the best. In addition to joining other citrus based oils in purportedly promoting liver health, mandarin essential oil is although thought to help break down body fat and stimulate the body’s production of bile, though little proven scientific evidence exists to support these claims.