Best Essential Oils for Depression – Top 5 List

Best Essential Oils for Depression

Depression is a very common illness that refers to feelings of sadness that occur regularly and have an impact on daily life or normal activities. Some people never seek treatment for the condition, some people turn to medications, and some prefer natural remedies like using essential oils for depression instead of medications. Though treatment plans may vary from person to person, getting treatment is important because the condition can actually be treated quite successfully in most individuals. However, it’s important to remember that treatment will depend on the individual, the method used, what type of depression they have and potential underlying causes.

There is often no one single thing causing depression. Rather, a combination of factors may be to blame. For many, biological causes combined with genetics and environment creates the cocktail of emotions lending to regular depressive episodes. For others, psychological factors enhanced by genetic markers may be responsible. Because there are so many ways that depression can take hold and there is no easy way to identify just what is responsible, treating it may be a multi faceted approach that combines the use of medications, therapy and alternative regimens like massage and aromatherapy, including the use of essential oils for depression.

Though they are becoming much more popular in recent years thanks to a fairly large movement toward more natural healing options, essential oils uses have included uplifting the spirit through inhalation for decades, with most plant oils having historical medicinal uses thousands of years ago. Using essential oils for depression is a much newer notion, but it relies on a tried and tested theory of relating scents to emotions. Experts point to scents from familiar foods like cookies conjuring up happy thoughts and pleasant feelings, and this sensation is thought to be what makes using essential oils for depression so effective. What scents may be soothing and relaxing for each individual may vary based on this thought process. However, there are some essential oils for depression that seem to have fairly consistent success, especially when used with other types of alternative therapy like meditation and massage – and we have the best five of them to consider.

1. Clary Sage Oil: It’s believed that the relevance of the word “clary” used in this oil refers to a Latin term for “clear” that relates to the oil’s purported ability to clear away unpleasant moods. Euphoria and an uplifted spirit are two of the most common uses for clary sage, which was found in a recent lab rat study to have antidepressant effects. Another later study found it was also useful in reducing stress levels. Combined, these trials seem to indicate that clary sage is one of the best essential oils for depression.

2. Lavender Oil: Because of its long history as a relaxing agent, lavender has actually been well studied for its use in depression with perhaps not surprising results. Studies found it effective in persons with generalized anxiety disorder, mild to moderate depression and even potentially effective as a substitute for some psychoactive drugs that have addicting properties. Of course, its relaxant effects have also been well studied, and even serum cortisol levels showed reductions in aromatherapy studies conducted with lavender. on the whole, lavender’s versatility and value in aiding depression are rather irrefutable.

3. Bergamot Oil: Studies into the effects on depression when using bergamot essential oil are less abundant and conclusive than some of the others, however very recent studies conducted in hospice patients indicate there is a lot of potential. In one very recent study, persons who received bergamot oil massages complained of less pain and depression than those who did not. Another study found bergamot aromatherapy effective at reducing anxiety levels in stress out schoolteachers.

4. Tangerine Oil: For individuals whose depression has resulted in fatigue, tangerine may be one of the best essential oils for depression. Though it can purportedly help relieve stress, it’s thought to boast energizing properties as well.

5. Sandalwood Oil: Sandalwood has long been hailed as an antidepressant, but it’s also thought to have sedative and aphrodisiac properties as well. Overall, it’s considered a balancing type of oil that can help soothe the nervous system and calm the emotions.