Best Essential Oils for Dementia – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Dementia

Though often thought of as a single disease, dementia really is not a disease at all. Instead, it is a catch-all term that applies to an entire collection of symptoms associated with a general decline in thinking ability caused ultimately by damage to brain cells. Once any of these symptoms or a combination of these symptoms gets bad enough that they interfere with daily activities, they are referred to as being related to dementia. Well over half of all cases of dementia related symptoms can be traced to Alzheimer’s disease. But, strokes, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal problems can all lead to temporary or permanent symptoms of dementia. It is these symptoms that the use of natural treatments such as essential oils for dementia are most noted for, although all dementia related care is dependent upon the detected underlying cause and which symptoms are prevalent.

Currently the major cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, does not have an official cure and treatment options are limited. Though there are medications and drugs that exist to provide some symptom relief, not all are effective – and those that are do not do anything in terms of symptom reversal, despite their association with side effects. Since so little is available in the way of actual dementia treatment, it is not a surprise that using essential oils for dementia and other natural treatment options are becoming so popular. Many oils are thought to bring about at least some symptom relief, although that is the extent of their temporary treatment value.

Throughout history, essential oils uses have included promoting feelings of general well being as well as reducing symptoms related to numerous medical conditions. Many medical claims related to essential oils uses remain unproven, and will require a great deal of study to learn more about. However, it has been proven in modern medicine that aromatherapy can successfully be used in Alzheimer’s disease, one of the biggest contributors to the formation of dementia symptoms. Between reducing anxiety and providing depression symptom relief, the use of essential oils for dementia can have numerous positive benefits. But, it might actually be the repeated success of aromatherapy in persons with chronic health problems that does the most good, a valuable benefit of the five best essential oils for dementia detailed below.

1. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint essential oil is very popular in aromatherapy, and is considered energizing and refreshing. But, it is the calming properties of the well known essential oil that make it ideal for people with conditions like dementia that can be frustrating and challenging to deal with every single day.

2. Rosemary Oil: This stimulating kitchen favorite is one of the best essential oils for dementia in terms of healthy and uplifting stimulation. It has been suggested that rosemary essential oil may even improve some aspects of cognitive performance, making it a favorite for those with memory and retention problems. As an aside from these uses, rosemary is also attributed to boosting the appetite, relieving some digestive symptoms and easing the signs of depression when used in aromatherapy applications.

3. Lavender Oil: Having a chronic illness can be enormously upsetting, and day in and day out; the pressures can mount and lead to intense feelings of sadness and anxiety. Lavender essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy treatments in people with dementia because it is thought to help quell irritability and anger and may be able to reduce some depression-like symptoms.

4. Lemon Balm Oil: Many different trials and studies have been performed on pricey lemon balm, which is noted for easing digestion problems. In addition to soothing a stubborn stomach, lemon balm essential oil may also be one of the best essential oils for dementia, because it has demonstrated calming and relaxing effects in studies, especially in people dealing with anxiety. Lemon balm is also noted for persons who are having problems sleeping.

5. Patchouli / Marjoram / Vetiver / Lavender Oil Blend: A cream combining these four potent essential oils showed impressive abilities in studies in terms of something called the Mini Mental State Examination. As if this was not outstanding enough, these four may also be an ideal blend of the very best essential oils for dementia because they boosted a resistance to condition, likely as a result of a spike in alertness.