Best Essential Oils for COPD – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for COPD

COPD is an abbreviation for a condition called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is characterized by challenged breathing that gets progressively worse over time. Its symptoms include coughs (some that produce mucus), chest discomfort and tightness, wheezing, and shortness of breath. It’s almost always caused by smoking, but some people end up with the condition because of occupational hazards or environmental agents. Those who work around a lot of chemicals and regularly breathe in fumes, for instance, may develop COPD. The symptoms of the condition are caused because of physiological changes that occur in the lungs themselves. Airways and air sacs may lose their stretchiness, air sac walls may become damaged, airway walls may become inflamed or thickened, and excessive mucus production may even lead to airway clogs. One, some, or all of these characteristics may be present in persons with COPD, and at this time there is no cure for the condition. Lifestyle changes, a general improvement in overall health and home and natural remedies like using essential oils for COPD remain some of the most common forms of treatment, and may be supplemented with medicines like bronchodilators and inhalers that help relax airways.

In more severe cases of the condition, treatment options may become more intense or invasive. Surgery is one potential form of treatment, but is often considered a last resort. Bullectomies are another form of invasive treatment that requires surgical removal of enlarged bullae, and lung volume reduction surgery can be implemented to remove damaged areas of tissue. Oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation are two other therapy types that may be employed in more advanced cases of the disease. Because of the severity of some of these types of treatments, taking care of the body and improving overall health are incredibly important to reducing the likelihood that they will be needed. Some believe that might be possible with home and natural remedies like using essential oils for COPD.

There are some things to remember before using natural remedies to treat health conditions. COPD is a serious disease and requires medical care. Home treatment and lifestyle changes are very important to reducing symptoms and delaying disease progression, but no natural remedy, including using essential oils for COPD, is a substitute for specialized health care from a physician. Alternative treatments can coexist with medicinal therapies and can provide complementary benefits, but before they should be used, a medical professional must be consulted.

Interestingly enough, essential oils uses in COPD include everything from providing relief from anxiety, to boosting immunity to individual symptom relief. Coping with a progressive illness like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can be tremendously challenging both physically and emotionally. Using essential oils for COPD, like the best five found below, may provide lifestyle and symptom relief benefits that can make living with the disease less burdensome.

1. Eucalyptus Oil: The monoterpenes in this essential oil have been found in studies to have a positive effect on numerous problems affecting the respiratory system, and has even been linked to reducing flare ups of bronchitis. Unfortunately, breathing in the oil’s essence may actually be irritating, and it should not be ingested. However, that doesn’t mean that eucalyptus isn’t one of the best essential oils for COPD. When blended with a balm or ointment and rubbed into the chest, it’s thought to provide some congestion and cough relief and the preparation can also be massaged externally into the throat area.

2. Lavender Oil: It’s easily the most popular essential oil available, and it’s so versatile, that doesn’t come as a surprise to many. Though lavender is thought to be able to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, it’s the stress relief and antidepressant qualities it possesses that make it possibly one of the best essential oils for COPD. The disease can cause great emotional turmoil and support and mental balance are imperative to staying healthful in persons with chronic illnesses. Diffusion is a popular way to take advantage of these effects, but neat topical application is also typically well tolerated.

3. Rosemary Oil: Even though the majority of COPD related symptoms are found in the chest, the nasal cavity is not exempt from turmoil, and that’s where oils like rosemary are perhaps most beneficial. Thought by some to be able to help improve breathing by clearing up congestion, the kitchen staple remains a popular choice amongst essential oils for COPD. It can be use in a warm compress, or added to a bath a drop or two at a time. It’s indicated for neat topical application, but most prefer it with a carrier oil and ingestion is considered safe, but advice from a healthcare provider is imperative before doing so.

4. Pine Oil: Congestion relief is also thought to be possible with pine, although its aroma is not always enjoyed by all. Because there are other essential oils for COPD that are thought to provide the same benefits in terms of congestion relief, pine is often overlooked. However, with more research, the tree oil may become more popular in this use, and it’s typically enjoyed diffused or in aromatherapy.

5. Oregano Oil: Oregano is a very powerful oil, and if ingested it must be diluted as it should be for topical application with a carrier oil. Using oregano oil these ways is thought to be beneficial for alleviating pathogens that can cause respiratory illness thanks to antiseptic and antibacterial applications. An additional supposed benefit that is likely the reason oregano is considered one of the best essential oils for COPD is related to its phlegm loosening actions and ability to soothe coughs.