Best Essential Oils for Candida – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Candida

Many people are unfamiliar with candida, which is an interesting notion, because it is found on and in the body of just about everyone. In small amounts in healthy people, candida poses little threat and actually helps out with a few bodily functions such as digestion. The problem arises when either too much candida is present, which can be caused by several lifestyle factors; or, when the body is compromised by illness which can cause problems like simple infections or serious issues like systemic blood infections. Candida is a fungus, or yeast; and, in terms of causing fungal infections, it is the most common culprit all around the world. But, aside from illness in the otherwise compromised, it is believed that simply having too much candida in itself can be problematic and cause symptoms aside from common infections like thrush and vaginal infections. Because this is a relatively new theory, there is little research into how and why overgrowth may occur and its health effects, but in terms of reducing the fungal overgrowth, there has been some recent study into the use of essential oils for candida with some exciting results.

Nobody develops an overgrowth of candida by rolling around in forest of mushrooms. It has been suggested that there are several things that can lead to symptoms from having a greater than desirable amount of the beasty yeastie – starting with feeding it. Sugars are a favorite food of fungus, and excessive alcohol consumption or a diet high in refined carbohydrates might just be the equivalent of sending every scrap of candida on the skin and in the body to an all you can eat buffet. Some medications, like birth control and antibiotics, can also help candida proliferate. It is also believed by some that a diet that is high in foods that are fermented and high levels of stress may also help improve the living environment for the fungus. Symptoms are thought to include fatigue, fungal infections of the nails, digestive issues, mood problems, allergies, skin issues and more. Some of these symptoms may benefit from natural remedies, but the use of essential oils for candida overgrowth may even go a step further in targeting the fungus itself.

Historically, essential oil uses have included the destruction of various pathogens including viruses, bacteria and fungi. Many of the oils found in plants have specific chemicals in them that hold potentially powerful medicinal benefits, making them especially interesting to researchers. While breakthroughs are on the horizon, it is still important to remember that essential oils uses are only beginning to be understood, despite hundreds of years of historical medicinal use. Therefore, it is important that before using any of our top five picks of essential oils for candida that a health care provider be consulted to ensure safety. Not all essential oils are safe for ingestion or topical use, and some are toxic or can cause irritation. An experienced herbalist or alternative healing professional can help identify safe, therapeutic grade, responsibly sourced products that will help reducing an overabundance of candida an enjoyable experience.

1. Tea Tree Oil: Many people use this essential oil regularly and do not even realize it. Tea tree essential oil has become more and more popular in beauty products, particularly hair care products. But, the cosmetic benefits of tea tree may pale in comparison to study results showing that it may be one of the best essential oils for candida. Not only has it been shown to kill candida by inhibiting its replication, in some animal studies it even proved effective against medication resistant forms of candida caused vaginal infections.

2. Geranium Oil: The geraniol that is contained in the essential oil of the geranium are what researchers think may be responsible for reducing the growth of candida cells. With more study, further evidence that geranium essential oil is a potent contender among essential oils for candida will likely be revealed.

3. Clove Oil: Most of the attention surrounding clove essential oil relates to its pain relieving benefits, but the eugenol found in clove actually has a lot of healthful properties, including making clove one of the best essential oils for candida overgrowth. Not only has the oil shown to be useful in this regard, but when combined with certain medications, it may even be useful against strains of the yeast that are resistant to a variety of drugs.

4. Moroccan Thyme Oil: What makes Moroccan thyme essential oil one of the most unique essential oils for candida is how it works. In studies, it was shown to actually reduce the need in some cases for higher doses of medication, potentially making treatment not only last less time but also lead to less treatment expense.

5. Lemon Verbena Oil: Although research is preliminary, lemon verbena essential oil is showing some potential for being an effective option among essential oils for candida, indicating that this aromatherapy favorite may have far more use than just its pleasing scent.