Best Essential Oils for Bruises – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Bruises

Bruises are caused from injury to the skin, typically related to being bumped or falling. They result in discoloration under the skin as a result of blood leaking from torn or ruptured blood vessels as a result of the injury. This is what causes the characteristic black and blue coloring associated with bruises or, contusions as they are sometimes called. Obviously, the best way to avoid the markings known as bruises is to try to avoid them altogether. However when they do occur, treatment options are often limited and they’re normally just left to heal and resolve on their own, often over a period of days or weeks. Many people find that home care techniques can help reduce the severity of the bruise; the level of discomfort is produces or the amount of time it takes to heal. Some of these methods include icing the area, resting the area, elevation and compression, using over the counter pain relievers, gentle massage and natural remedies like essential oils for bruises.

If we were able to look under the surface of the skin at an injury site, we would see in a bruised area blood leaking from tiny vessels here and there, the pooling of which forms a bruise. Initially following the injury one course of action that may help relieve pain and reduce bruise severity is to promote the constriction of blood vessels. Ice can be effective in this regard, so can compression and elevation. Using essential oils for bruises may also be effective here as many plant oils are thought to contain compounds that can help make the blood vessels in the body constrict.

Following the initial injury period, it may be more appropriate to promote healthy blood flow in order to bring a consistent supply of healing and damage repairing nutrients to the injury area. Gentle massage is one popular way of achieving this at home, but using essential oils for bruises can be effective in this way as well. Many plant oils are thought to help increase circulation, sending more healing and rejuvenating oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

The effects on blood vessels are what make using essential oils for bruises such a popular notion. While there are few scientific studies to support the use of plant oils in these applications, essential oils uses for both internal and external injuries have been utilized for hundreds of years. What’s more is that unlike some therapies, plant oils are thought to have additional benefits, such as relieving pain, which may be certainly useful in these types of situations. No doubt each of our favorite five essential oils for bruises boasts not only properties likely to shorten the amount of time a bruise may hang about, but plenty of other benefits, too.

1. Cypress Oil: Cypress is considered one of the best essential oils for bruises that should be considered right after the injury occurs. The reason for this is simple; many in the alternative healing community speculate that cypress can help constrict blood vessels, which in turn may produce less bruising following an injury. Cypress is quite well known for this use and is popular in persons with varicose veins. This particular plant oil should not be used neat because it’s quite potent, dilution before topical application is recommended.

2. Lavender Oil: There are almost too many reasons to count as to why lavender is one of the best essential oils for bruises. To start, it’s one of the most gentle of all plant oils and is almost always well tolerated when applied neat to the affected area. Further, it’s considered a natural analgesic, and its pain relieving effects can be quite soothing following a minor injury. Lastly, like cypress, lavender is also believed to promote blood vessel constriction, possibly preventing bruises from developing as intensely.

3. Helichrysum Oil: This pricey plant oil is not the first one to reach for immediately following a bruise producing fall or bump. But, it is thought to be quite valuable in the hours and days following the initial injury once the vessel leakage has subsided. Helichrysum is known for both skin conditions and boosting circulation, meaning that it may send healing oxygen-rich blood right to the spot of the injury for repair beneath, and soothe the exterior for relief above. The oil is safely used when a carrier oil is incorporated, and coconut is one of the most popular, especially for topical application.

4. Lemongrass Oil: Many people reach for over the counter pain relievers when they have minor injuries and there is no doubt that most can help relieve some discomfort. But, for those that prefer a natural analgesic, few compare to lemongrass, one of the best essential oils for bruises. One of the most popular ways to use this oil is in massage for pain relief of the back and legs (it’s also popular on foot reflex points for generalized pain relief). However, neat topical application is generally preferred where bruises develop (although a skin test is required to determine sensitivity).

5. Geranium Oil: This particular plant oil is a long held folkloric remedy for bruises, and provides a pair of benefits that likely contribute to this theory that it’s one of the best essential oils for bruises. It’s thought to have pain relieving benefits from analgesic properties and is also known to stimulate circulation, making it useful during the healing process. Since studies have shown circulation promotion can be useful in cases of bruising, natural remedies like geranium may be hugely beneficial. Though it’s popular in diffusion and aromatherapy, neat application is generally well tolerated and affords likely the best method of taking advantage of the oil’s medicinal properties.