Best Essential Oils for Bronchitis – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a very common condition that affects the respiratory system. Within the bronchial passageways found in the lungs can be found mucus membranes that can become inflamed from time to time. Irritation of the mucus membranes can lead to further irritation and thickening, leading to an eventual narrowing of the tiny lungs airways, which is why fits of coughing are one of the hallmark characteristics of the condition, although there are other symptoms including excessive phlegm and trouble breathing. Bronchitis can either be acute and last anywhere from one to three weeks, or chronic, where it can last more than three months and for years at a time. What’s interesting about bronchitis is that while it’s basically a single condition, (inflammation of the bronchi) there are major differences between the causes of chronic and acute forms of the condition, signaling the first potential benefit of using natural remedies including essential oils for bronchitis.

Acute bronchitis is caused by a pathogen, and nine times out of ten, a virus is to blame. On the flip side, chronic bronchitis is not caused by germs, rather environment and lifestyle. For instance smoking cigarettes is a very common cause of chronic bronchitis. And, certain occupations like working in coal mines may also contribute to a long term form of the condition. Because of these differences in both cause and longevity, treatment varies but in a vast majority of cases where no alarming symptoms or other serious health problems are present, home care is generally adequate. Using essential oils for bronchitis in both cases may be beneficial forms of natural treatment. For acute forms, some in the alternative healing community suggest that plant oils may help remove or reduce the replication of the offending pathogens. And, in both acute and chronic cases of the condition, using essential oils for bronchitis may substantially help with symptom relief.

Specifically with regards chronic bronchitis, it’s important to remember that using natural remedies are no substitute for solid medical care, and that continuing to smoke cigarettes while having the disease significantly increases the risk of COPD. Additionally, many essential oils uses today are only linked to the use of plant oils in aromatherapy, but there are some times when ingestion or topical application may be appropriate for some health conditions when therapeutic grade oils are diluted or combined with a carrier oil appropriately. Because of safety concerns with potentially irritant and toxic substances, a naturalist or alternative healing professional should be consulted in addition to a physician before off label essential oils uses are explored. With this information, developing a further understanding of the ways in which using essential oils for bronchitis may be beneficial can become clearer, including potential pathogenic activity and symptom relief, evidenced in the top five oils found below.

1. Eucalyptus Oil: Monoterpenes are found in some essential oils such as pine, but is perhaps most known in eucalyptus essential oil. This particular oil was found when combined with others in a study, to be potentially one of the best essential oils for bronchitis as compared to placebo, it demonstrated symptom relief in many individuals.

2. Peppermint Oil: Menthol found in peppermint is incredibly popular in any conditions that lead to congestion because it’s considered to be a natural decongestant. Because mucus membranes are excessively affected by bronchitis, the mucus thinning effects peppermint is thought to provide are also supposedly quite beneficial.

3. Cedarwood Oil: This particular essential oil is most often used in aromatherapy, and it’s a popular addition to humidifiers, where overnight exposure is thought to help soothe coughs and loosen up mucus. This may be one of the best essential oils for bronchitis to use in aromatherapy because of its dual benefits, but it’s certainly not the only one, and jasmine, bergamot and sweet fennel are also used.

4. Lemon Oil: Disinfectant properties are well known regarding lemon, and the same elements that may help keep a kitchen counter clean may also help fight the pathogens that can cause acute forms of bronchitis.

5. Oregano Oil: Oregano is thought to be one of the most potent antivirals around, and that makes it possibly one of the best essential oils for bronchitis of the acute variety, when a virus is the cause. It’s popularly used a single drop at a time in capsule form, but checking with a healthcare professional before doing so is advisable.