Best Essential Oils for Breast Cancer – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Breast Cancer

Most prevalent in women but possible in men, breast cancer is becoming increasingly more common. Like many cancers, there are various stages of breast cancer, (four) and treatment options vary depending on which stage a particular individual is at. Some lumps found in breast tissue at early stages are easily removed, while others require more intense and invasive surgical treatments. Symptoms of breast cancer can include breast pain and tenderness, a lump that is typically painless, armpit swelling, nipple changes and nipple discharge changes, and discoloration and breast flattening or indentation. Another common symptom that may persist is fatigue, and those with breast cancer may experience it at disease onset, throughout treatment, and for a period of time thereafter. This symptom may be exacerbated in the case of breast cancer – where hormonal changes, stress, medications and healing from surgery are all not uncommon. For these reasons, alternative treatments, such as essential oils for breast cancer, are sometimes considered for multiple uses, including symptom management.

It is important to understand that all alternative therapies should be discussed with a healthcare provider before proceeding, including using essential oils for cancer symptom management or natural healing. Though numerous studies have found cancer to be a potential application among essential oils uses, research is very limited as are studies examining risks, benefits and side effects. At this time, no essential oil has been proven effective in humans against any type of cancer or its symptoms and some can be poisonous, dangerous, or irritating to the skin or body. As such, using essential oils for breast cancer should only be done so after speaking to a doctor and when instructions and practices are closely adhered to. Despite the unknowns surrounding the use of natural essential oils in cancer treatment and management, there are some interesting facts to consider with regards both the effects of oils on the disease process and its symptoms that make our top five list worth considering.

1. Peppermint Oil: There are two very good reasons why peppermint essential oil might be a must-have essential for people with or recovering from breast cancer. On a basic level, it is thought to help promote energy when used in aromatherapy (so much so in fact that its part of a combination oil pumped through air conditioning systems in some cities in order to promote alertness thereby possibly helping combat fatigue). On a more medicinal level, peppermint might be one of the most important essential oils for breast cancer because of specific terpenes found in it, including those that might help reprogram damaged DNA as is found in cancer, according to some theories.

2. Clove Oil: Battling fatigue related to breast cancer is important because fatigue can seriously impact quality of life. Using aromatherapy is incredibly appropriate for this purpose, because it is thought that doing so can promote healthy energy without ingestion that could negatively impact hormone producing glands of the body. Clove essential oil may be one of the most popular essential oils for breast cancer as a result, for its role in promoting healthy energy when treatments, medications, pain, depression or anxiety contribute to unhealthy levels of fatigue.

3. Frankincense Oil: Recent studies have made fairly big headlines into preliminary research pointing to a cancer fighting compound called AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid) or, boswellic acid for short, that may have profound effects on certain types of cancer – most notably, ovarian. This same cancer cell killing effect may be possible in other types of cancer, including that of the colon, pancreas, breast, brain, stomach and prostate. More research will be needed to better understand the role of frankincense essential oil among essential oils for breast cancer, but early results show great promise.

4. Lemon Oil and Lemongrass Oil: These two citrus scented oils are both linked to helping provide a healthy energy boost, which can be particularly beneficial to persons dealing with the fatigue related side effects of cancer treatment. Lemon essential oil and lemongrass essential oil are also popular in an oil blend that may include other essential oils like cypress or eucalyptus.

5. Ginger Oil: Most of the supposed medicinal effects of ginger relate to digestion and appetite, and these effects can be relevant in persons with breast cancer or receiving treatment for same. Ginger essential oil may be one of the best essential oils for breast cancer in people who are dealing with nausea and other side effects from certain types of treatment. And, ginger’s possible role in helping stimulate appetite may be useful in people dealing with unwanted or unintentional weight loss.