Best Essential Oils for Bloating – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Bloating

Quite simply, bloating refers to any sensation of fullness or tightness in the abdomen. For some people, this may also include abdominal distention, where the stomach area looks “poofy” or puffed out. It may also feel firmer to the touch. There are numerous things that can cause bloating, including simply swallowing too much air. But, much of the time, bloating occurs as a result of eating such as in response to lactose intolerance, indigestion from overeating, or the symptoms of GERD which may result from certain types of foods or behaviors. There are also some medications like some used for diabetes that can have bloating as a side effect, and celiac disease and ovarian cancer are amongst a few health conditions that can also lead to unwanted bloat. Unfortunately, aside from avoiding triggers that can lead to its development, there are few ways to relieve the discomfort aside from waiting it out. However, there may be a natural remedy that is being overlooked which is becoming more and more popular in the alternative and holistic healing communities. Using essential oils for bloating may be an effective way to speed relief and gain some additional healthful benefits in the process.

Essential oils uses have endured for thousands of years. The powerful oils found in many plants boast all sorts of medicinal properties ranging from antibacterial and antiviral effects to purport anti cancer benefits. It is perhaps no surprise then that using essential oils for bloating may have some effective results, especially since essential oils uses for digestive woes in general have been described throughout history and anecdotally for a very long time.

However, before using essential oils for bloating, it is important to understand that these powerful substances are not regulated the same way that medicine or even food is. And, there is little research into their safety or effectiveness, although more studies are underway. The first step to ensuring their safe use is to find therapeutic grade oils from a responsible vendor with a good history of selling quality oils. Secondly, not all oils can be ingested, and some can be poisonous or toxic – therefore before ingesting any essential oil, some research must be done beforehand along with getting some advice from a health care provider. Additionally, not all essential oils can be applied externally without a carrier oil (an application known as “neat”) because they can cause irritation. Advice from an herbalist or purveyor can help ensure safe essential oil use. Perhaps the most common sense of all warnings before using essential oils for bloating is simply to speak to a physician before using any alternative healing methods to ensure safety and that there are no health concerns related to their use. With that being said, there are a great many essential oils for bloating to explore, but the best five of them can be found below!

1. Cumin Oil: Combine one or two drops with a tablespoon of a carrier oil and gently massage the mixture over the abdominal area of discomfort to take advantage of cumin essential oil, which has demonstrated in some trials an ability to help relieve many digestion related symptoms, most notably nausea and abdominal pain, which are common symptoms of bloating. Although perhaps one of the most effective of all essential oils for bloating, cumin essential oil does have properties that can make the application site photosensitive and it is not appropriate for women who are pregnant.

2. Roman Chamomile Oil: This particular essential oil has actually long been associated with parasite eradication and is popular in aromatherapy and as a part of a dietary supplement. However, combining a couple of drops of roman chamomile essential oil with a carrier oil for external application has been described in testimonials of users to help relieve a wide range of digestive complaints, including bloating.

3. Clove Oil: Best known as a natural toothache pain reliever, the eugenol found in clove essential oil also may make it one of the best essential oils for bloating. Not only has it been suggested to provide relief from numerous digestive problems, but it is also purported to help manage the source of digestive ails thanks to antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

4. Cardamom Oil: Lab rat studies have found that cardamom can reduce abdominal distention and provide pain relief, making cardamom essential oil perhaps one of the most effective of all essential oils for bloating. This is likely due to the oil’s long hailed digestion benefits including speeding the process and boosting the secretion of digestion stimulating compounds like enzymes and bile.

5. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint essential oil is known for its stimulating properties, and these are perhaps just as evident in digestion as they are anywhere else. A University study found many digestion related benefits to peppermint including muscle relaxation, which helped with gas relief and other symptoms. What makes peppermint one of the best essential oils for bloating however is the notion that it can help reduce swelling of the abdomen, one of the symptoms most responsible for bloating related discomfort.