Best Essential Oils for Bladder Infection – Top 5 List

Essential Oils for Bladder Infection

Bladder infections are quite common and appear much more abundantly in men than the do in women, a phenomenon that doctors have attributed to various things including the proximity of the urethra to the vagina and the anus as well as a much shorter urethra altogether. Most of the time, they are not serious. However they do require prompt medical treatment and the use of antibiotics in order to clear up the infection before it can lead to more serious problems like a kidney infection. Though many plant oils may boast antibacterial properties, it should not assume you can automatically use essential oils for bladder infection related illnesses or treating their symptoms. A healthcare provider must be contacted and proper medications used to clear up the pathogens causing the infection. But, just because using essential oils for bladder infection related symptoms is not appropriate in every single case, that does not mean that complex and potent plant oils do not have a purpose when infection affects the urinary tract.

Essential oils uses vary from purportedly treating or helping treat a disease or condition, to clearing up symptoms or providing other physiological benefits. The last of these three essential oils uses is what may make them useful in terms of assisting in the treatment of a bladder infection.

Natural diuretics are plentiful in nature, and there are some essential oils that are thought to perform this function marvelously. The value of using them when a bladder infection is simple. Stimulating urine flow can help the body flush out the offending pathogen, possibly leading to a shortened illness run. We compiled a list of the best five essential oils for bladder infection related use based on their urine stimulating properties, but many of them also have some degree of virus and bacteria killing ability as well. Therefore it is possible that some essential oils for bladder infection relief may help by not only assisting in removing the illness causing bacteria but also possibly attacking the infection at its source. Again, medical attention is required in all suspected cases of a bladder infection to avoid long term damage to the kidneys and other complications. And, although our top five essential oils for bladder infection are natural and powerful, they still should not be used without consulting a physician and professional herbalist or aromatherapist.

1. Cypress Oil: The oil from the prolific conifer is considered by many to be one of the best essential oils for bladder infection relief for multiple reasons. It is thought to be a natural diuretic, possibly helping flush illness causing bacteria from the bladder more quickly, for starters. It is also regarded by many as one of the best natural disinfectants around, boasting antibacterial and antibiotic properties, among others. This combination of benefits indicates it is a solid choice, but caution should be used with the cypress essential oil, which can be skin irritant and should not be ingested. Benefits from the oil are best enjoyed through diffusion, though a one or two percent diluted wash may be ideal for external areas and then rinsed.

2. Cinnamon Oil: For digestive woes, a single drop of cinnamon essential oil added to a glass of water is typically considered safe although caution should be used (Warning: Cinnamon oil is the one that have a reputation of “burning” essential oils). This same method may be ideal in cases of a bladder infection, likely due to the oil’s antibiotic properties and stimulant nature, which may help stimulate urine flow.

3. Cassia Oil: This cinnamon relative may be one of the best essential oils for bladder infection symptoms. While there is no doubt that its antibiotic properties may provide some supplemental benefits to traditional treatment, stimulant properties may help hasten urine flow and it has been suggested that the oil may also help quell uncomfortable symptoms as well. A couple of drops of cassia essential oil in warm water sipped is one of the most common ways the oil is used for internal maladies, but diffusion is also a popular method.

4. Frankincense Oil: There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this valuable oil as of recent, and it is well warranted. Frankincense essential oil may help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and kill germs, among other applications. The oil is also thought to be a natural diuretic, furthering its potential use amongst essential oils for bladder infection relief. Massage with a carrier oil in a one or two percent dilution is the most practical method of use, but since massage on the bladder can obviously be challenging, pertinent reflex points on the feet is a solid secondary option for use.

5. Lemon Oil: This common citrus oil is like many of the other top picks for essential oils for bladder infection, thought to help attack the pathogens causing the infection, and promote increased urine flow in order to help speed along the process of flushing them out. What makes lemon essential oil especially useful is that it is generally safe for ingestion when taken a drop at a time in a glass of water (which is also thought to promote healthy energy) and many find its numerous health benefits also become evident when added to a carrier oil and massaged into reflex points on the feet.